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How to choose ceramic tile gap filling agent suitable is the best!

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Caulking agent in a family unit housing decoration fee percentage is not high, but it is very important. As long as need it seam is ceramic tile ground, the ground metope and beautiful degree, comfort depends on this procedure. If caulking not ready, not only look not beautiful, even because of improper caulking agent choice and adverse consequences on family health.

in recent years, caulking industry is booming, caulking agent products is also emerge in endlessly. Today's joint sealant products are mainly divided into two categories, the first is a single tube filled seam an agent, main composition for macromolecule polymer and nanometer pigment composition, but less currently in use. The second type is a double tube filled seam an agent, the performance principle is from the produce curing reaction of epoxy resin and curing agent, so as to achieve the effect of solidifying, caulking, and this is now the mainstream type of caulking agent products. Turn to the building materials market, four, five hundred caulking agent brand, which is the best? What is the worst? Due to the particularity of caulking agent properties, generally is difficult to distinguish clearly.

some of the conventional brand on the market today is in order to seek profits, low cost, high price is also everywhere, so what's the difference between these products? So how to identify the pros and cons of double tube filled seam an agent? Below small make up summarized the following identification method for everyone.

smell: the smell is bigger, stimulating odour, harmful gas that product is more, affect your health

color: caulking product luster when dry, smooth, also from the side reflect curing agent.

: hardness hardness is not as hard as possible, to soft with just like wire, not only has the hardness of iron, and it has good toughness.

is not to say that a good raw material we will be able to create a good gap filling agent, this is also a myth, mainly to see what we need and process, the effect of it on the one hand, mainly depends on the company's technology base, only a good technical foundation, to make good raw materials to play up the effect, this also is one of the reasons for the disparity in price. Caulking agent selected at the same time in addition to ensure the quality at the same time, choose the right is also very important, as the saying goes, only the right is the best! Selection of caulking brand is no exception. Here small make up recommend a caulking can give everybody leadership brand & ndash; Caulking agent.

when customers don't know how to choose, we let the product speak. Effects that customers see us again soon understand, where is the poor quality of the, why the long life of our products. Why are our prices so high. Why our high-end products can do. Because we speak the truth, don't tell stories. Our products can get the trust of the customers. Can make to the customer's reputation. Such products to market to at the time of people rushed to the cake, get the biggest piece.
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