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How to choose the appropriate caulking products

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Along with the people in the pursuit of high quality life and sustained attention to environmental protection decoration, solve the dirty black, beautify decorate detail of ceramic tile aperture gap filling products favored by more and more consumers. In recent years, with the continuous development of caulking industry, caulking product packaging form, adornment effect, construction methods such as there were different changes, and emerged many caulking agent brand, we actually how to choose?

the family is decorated more and costliness, ceramic tile caulking followed high-end, do caulking decorate a piece, first should choose healthy environmental protection decorates material, so as to make your home decoration more fashionable health.

pay attention to environmental protection

caulking product itself volatile, if not environmental protection, caulking products containing excessive heavy metals or nonylphenol, on the body is vile indeed. Nonylphenol belongs to organic pollutants, carcinogens, & other; Sperm killer & throughout; Said. So, buy caulking products first thing, is to see the product quality inspection report, if you don't show you or not, that I'm sorry, you can tell him: don't buy it. Don't buy it. Don't buy it. If there are any products containing anion of caulking, so congratulations you, he is the good news of your health, negative ion is called & other; Air vitamin & throughout; And thought it as food of vitamins, to the human body and other biological life activity has a very important influence, call it & other; Longevity element & throughout; 。 Boss caulking agent long-term release negative ions, purify formaldehyde, purify air, let the life more comfortable.


, after all, everyone is not easy to decorate a charmingly want to home, so the selected the color of caulking agent, is a big effort carefully screening, once the wrong color choice, will affect the overall effect of an outfit. Ceramic tile can match different colors of caulking products also have a lot of color, the same kind of ceramic tile to choose the color of caulking product is different, make the effect is different also, color is like a person's character: golden generous noble; A stable black silence; The green youth vigor. 。 。

there are two ways to get the color selection of caulking agent, one is close to the law, is a kind of contrast method.

the caulking on market now the main products are metal series, light series, matt series, in general, the shop is stuck light wall brick and microcrystalline suitable for metal series and the light series; The shop is stuck inferior smooth brick, and archaize brick for choose inferior smooth series.
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