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How to choose the ceramic tile seam filling agent? Caulking summarizes the five o 'clock!

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Now, ceramic tile gap filling has been very common, even after the bridal chamber decorates one of indispensable steps. But for caulking, most people are not enough common sense, how to choose the ceramic tile seam filling agent? Summarizes this caulking agent manufacturer, let you no longer afraid of be pit! ! ! How to choose the ceramic tile seam filling agent? 。 Look from the odor: through scent to identify gap filling agent, it is very commonly used method of a caulking agent is a kind of chemical reagent, if the smell is bigger, the harmful gas that product is more, affect the body health, and poor quality, if the smell is light, or a few do not smell, represents the quality is good. 。 Look from the consistency: caulking agent is colloid, adhesive. Good caulking agent in the sticky degree is higher, more sticky, this will be a long service life, on the contrary, a thin gap filling agent is inferior, no viscosity, will be off soon. 。 From coagulability: before choosing gap filling agent, can squeeze a bit of gap filling agent, outside coagulability observe it, if it's hardness is larger, represents the quality is good, if soft collapse collapse, is poor quality. 。 Look from the glossiness: gloss determines the gap filling effect. Caulking agent has good iuster, will look more beautiful, and if the quality is poorer, after a long time will slowly hair black, cannot have the effect of caulking. 。 Look from the hardness: don't assume that filled seam an agent must be as hard as possible, good caulking agent should be soft with just, both iron hardness, good toughness. Do caulking ceramic tile is not to spend money, home of many areas has made caulking will be better.
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