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How to choose the ceramic tile shop sticks?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Believe that most of the owners before decorate, will decorate in the various web sites and search for rendering. Those beautiful and useful web celebrity example room, nature also looking forward to the object to the owner. Ask, who refused to beauty? As accounted for a large ceramic tile decoration, the owner will spend more time on building materials market for goods. Good ceramic tile on the market a lot, but choose ceramic tile is not completely rely on its appearance level to determine the match not appropriate. In fact, become a web celebrity model in the front, choose a suitable owner home decorate a style to the ceramic tile, and reasonable collocation is very important. Integral style to unify the general owners when choosing a ceramic tile, there may be a few situations:, in the building materials market find this a few kinds of color of ceramic tile is very good-looking, so buy home is going to be a fashion. But in the actual process of the shop is stuck owners found that the choice of this a few kinds of color were not harmonious, no beauty. When buying ceramic tile, the owner found that the color of ceramic tile is very good-looking, but in the process of after the shop is stuck, find their own tiles and want to decorate a style is acosmia, ceramic tile can't retreat, can only be scrambling to temporary changes to decorate plan. In both cases we can see that the owners when choosing a ceramic tile, can't act according to own style, at least need to determine whether your home decorate a style, choose broadly in line with decorate a style to select again after the color of the ceramic tile. If the owner think only one color of ceramic tile decoration too drab, can choose a color, and then according to the main color in several undertake collocation fastens with color of ceramic tile. Or is to choose a color, and then buy a small amount of color ceramic tile, the local space undertakes decorating. Whether it's the same as color or bump color, all the ceramic tile of home design and color should be controlled within the species, the overall look will not too messy. To echo each other to decorate metope ground is tie-in, not only depends on whether the color of the whole harmonious unity, every part of the adjacent decorates harmony also into consideration. Ceramic tile ground, for example, if does not use metope ceramic tile decoration, then consider the color of ceramic tile floor and metope adornment color sense of echo. In general, can choose fastens with color, also can undertake collocation choose contrast color. Use color fastens with color, can make the whole space, and color will be better. Contrasting colors are divided into two kinds, one kind is normal cognitive contrast between different color, another is the same as color under the weaker contrast color. Use contrasting colors, the owner must pay attention to the metope color than the ground color is shallow. If metope color is darker than the ground, there will be a top-heavy, depressive feeling. The shop is stuck method new tricks if owners have bought the ceramic tile in advance, but in the shop is stuck, it found that ceramic tile is a bit too simple, so how should the ceramic tile from plain to the representative of the fashion? Ceramic tile color simple, more conducive to spread it on the post different pattern, simple design and color to represent them to put a saving brick paving pattern shop need flowers in the process of problem. Therefore, plain brick as long as the use of some concerned the shop is stuck, can let it nirvana reborn. Pattern brick paving the way has a lot of, the owner can according to the direction of their pattern of direction and the method to choose ceramic tile shop sticks. Such as ° rotating Angle of the diamond pattern of the shop is stuck, can make whole room there is a feeling of another extension. Complementary h brick way although the shop is stuck is conservative, but it crisscross lines bring a little fun for the whole space. In ° corner shop is stuck the herringbone brick paving method commonly used in relatively decorate a style restoring ancient ways, the shop is stuck and orderly line break the rules, rich and elegant. Choose appropriate caulking decorative way no matter what kind of ceramic tile shop is stuck, in order to make ceramic tile can have plenty of space for heat bilges cold shrink, ceramic tile is usually stay. The mm or more aperture size. These ceramic tile aperture small, but if we don't do decoration, not only affects the overall aesthetics, late junk inside these gaps owner also not easy to clean. Therefore, after the shop sticks ceramic tile, it is suggested that the owner caulking decoration is made timely. Ceramic tile seam filling grout product is different from the early gap filling grout, itself has a variety of colors, at present, the qualified product caulking basically has nearly 20 kinds of commonly used color, can meet the demand of most of the owner of the decoration. Qualified caulking products after the finish, can be tightly adsorbed in on both sides of the ceramic tile, color beautiful does not collapse, for whole decorate a style more add a point. Caulking smooth surface, such as porcelain, non-stick oil, the late owner also need not deliberately to clear aperture, just had taken together is good when cleaning the floor. Caulking neri rich flexibility, even when using floor heating in winter, caulking can withstand the heat of ceramic tile, preventing BengCi phenomenon. Decorating the door, although looks very simple, but every step need owner to consider again and again. Set a style is simple, the hard part is in the process of decoration adheres to this kind of style, unified planning to let a space on a richer. Regards adornment as large ceramic tile, the checkpoint on the road is the owner on style, choose good ceramic tile, decorate is victory of a big step forward.
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