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How to choose the color caulking agent, a recruit teach you no longer hesitate

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
The love of beauty of heart, the person all has, for a thing of beauty is very sensitive and also all the time in the process of the pursuit of beauty. Caulking agent is a filling products of ceramic tile aperture, caulking agent is on the basis of the upgrade of products, not only can effectively fill the gap, can also play the role of beautification. So, the color of caulking agent how should choose?

the color of caulking agent rich variety, and have burnish, looks natural and exquisite. Such as color of color with gold, silver, pearl, caulking agent is a kind of color caulking agent, even white black filled seam an agent, also look than senior white cement filled seam an agent to some. Caulking agent color choice is very important, according to the different decorate a style, color ceramic tile, need to match different color caulking agent.

caulking agent color tie-in tips:

1. Similar color collocation

selection and the color of ceramic tile color close, the effect of coordination between ceramic tile, uniform color, won't appear too abrupt. Such as yellow tiles on caulking agent orange, black ceramic tile collocation dark gray gap filling agent. This kind of collocation is suitable for the style of pure and fresh quietly elegant, simple.

2. Warm and cool color collocation

color is divided into cool color and warm color to move, and present the cool color department, if the room can choose warm color beauty formula, on the contrary. Such as yellow collocation of white ceramic tile gap filling agent, the black ceramic tile with gold filled seam an agent. The collocation gives a person shine at the moment, is suitable for the style of classical, expensive gas.

3. Contrast color collocation

color contrast can also form a stark effect, such as people often say that red with green, yellow and purple, and black with white. This bold exaggeration collocation, give a person strong visual impact, suitable for grandiose artistic style, to create atmosphere.

4. Deep light color collocation

use different color depth, creating a clean effect, such as dark green with light grey ceramic tile gap filling agent, the ceramic tile of deep yellow collocation buff caulking agent. This is the safest way of collocation, suitable for all kinds of style.

of course, some of the color is very joker, various styles of decoration can hould live, such as gold, white, silver. How about the color of ceramic tile and caulking agent is tie-in, basically see the owner his aesthetics and interests, the tie-in skill only for reference.
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