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How to clean up the glue on the floor, epoxy filled seam an agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
I heard a friend bought epoxy filled seam an agent in construction, carelessly trampled without colloid solidification, and on a new layer of tile footprints left a lot of deep shallow seam filling agent. This would be in trouble, decorate into trouble. Hurriedly take measures together, after a bit, I finally leave caulking agent traces of clean, narrowly missed.

so, stick in the other place, if caulking agent can handle off? Or is there a better way?

in the first place, we at the time of purchase of caulking agent to know the type and composition, caulking agent is aqueous or oily.

water can be dissolved in the water, if not carefully in the process of construction of the stick to the hands or other things, can directly with a wet rag wipe up, note that at once to erase, do not hesitate to wait. Because the water filled seam an agent particularly fast curing, basically can be set in a few minutes.

so oily caulking agent? It's a two-component caulking agent and the upgrading of plastic clay products, refined by imported epoxy resin curing agent and pigment, fill in the gap formed after hard and smooth surface with toughness. Unlike water filled seam an agent, if not carefully glued to the irrelevant things, don't rub, would be more clean more dirty. We first don't tube he, etc. It completely dry, with a small shovel to shovel off easily, don't leave a trace.

we want to know the material of construction of the floor tile. Ordinary glazed ceramic tile is naturally good processing, so bo changes a brick? Bo changes a brick is generally not easy coloring, excess stock and scrap will adhere to the surface. If the time is not long on the glue, the glue on the first place full moisture, patiently scrubbed with cleaner, clean up almost to, then wash it clean.

of course, all of these methods is the remedial measures after the problem, or do we usually important to carefully. Construction group, please be sure to please the professional construction master. His words must get ready for operation, understand the matters needing attention, nip in the bud.
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