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How to create the ideal family?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
In today's soaring housing prices, increasingly, the owners for their choosing family is no longer just focus on the area of the building, more focus is on building the practicality and aesthetics in the future. Luxurious large family is magnificent, but delicate warmth of small family also no less, the quality of life is often people spiritual pursuit. So the family is decorated is a science. Even a small family, how to make full use of the actual area, build a conform to the ideal of life is required for all owner and our living environment. Because the size of the problem, is more important in decorating. Is needed to make the overall look more spacious, not so depressed. To achieve this effect, not only to allocate the pattern of the whole house, also should make full use of visual effects on the decoration. For decoration of accounts for a large ceramic tile, mainly bear the responsibility of this part. If ceramic tile scheme is applied in place, can have a good decoration effect. How small family the person gives on the vision capacious and bright feeling? Ceramic tile and caulking and the how to match? Cannot too big, ceramic tile specification some model building due to the limitation of the area, the use of large size ceramic tile can let whole space looks more compact, instead suggest small family model in when decorating, also commonly so choose some specifications small ceramic tile. Divisions of ㎡ sitting room, in general, of the sitting room area is less than or equal to the ㎡, it is recommended to use mmXmm or below the specifications of the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, this specification ceramic tile is in accordance with the size of a small area of the sitting room. If sitting room area is larger than ㎡, using the general specification of ceramic tile in the shop is stuck is no problem. Although small size ceramic tile in the caulking when some trival, but in the caulking construction after, can not only reveal the whole decorate a style, the ceramic tile of maintenance in the future, caulking easy to clean, anti-fouling, wear-resisting, antibacterial mouldproof features can make ceramic tile can keep a good state. , choose the ceramic tile that light color fastens the permeability of the overall structure is very important, especially for the small family, need to make a room look brighter, thereby reducing the room for area, height, color and other issues brought about by the depressive feeling. Therefore, the ceramic tile on the choice of color, it is suggested that the owner use light color fastens, to make whole room bright effect. Using the ceramic tile that light color fastens, have the effect of the expansion of space on the vision. Combined with the effect of sunlight or lamplight, let whole is tonal, style no longer depressed, the owner in the home also can have a more relaxed state of mind. Is not only a ceramic tile, furniture, also want to choose color of caulking and used in the ceramic tile of similar color. Light color fastens with light color fastens collocation can effectively make whole room together, further enhance the permeability of the room. Overall ceramic tile, the ground does not make clear distinctions in decorating, the owner may be for the sake of the overall decoration effect, choose to kitchen, sitting room and dining-room be in harmony are an organic whole. This layout makes the body of the room together, the feeling is more open looks. In this layout, the ground tiles need to choose design and color is the same part, further highlight the unified feeling of these functional areas. But if you want to emphasize individuality, also can use composite ceramic tile stick method, or is the use of some local tiling ornament local space. A proper personality show, can let decorate too simple and monotonous landscape, rich in some different tastes. For the ceramic tile of design and color is more complex, caulking colors basically consistent with the overall color ceramic tile, and try to choose more plain color, used to foil a ceramic tile color itself of the personality. Should agree, ceramic tile texture as well as the personality show tile, general floor tile, wall brick, or choose the simple design and color is given priority to. Recommended tile style is pure color and slightly take some shallow grain imitation marble grain brick. The texture of this kind of ceramic tile to almost the same, can let a space, and looks more depth, conducive to the overall view of the pattern of stretching. Especially suitable for the sitting room, corridor, such as the area is small but need display space. On the choice of floor tile, wood grain brick is one of the more appropriate choice. Wood grain is pure and fresh and natural, h an extension of the shop is stuck feeling also suit small family wanted to expand the size of the demand from the vision. Caulking color wood grain brick, usually need to choose the color of similar to wood grain, the collocation of common is to use white, gold, brown department of caulking color. As long as through the adornment of the reasonable collocation, can also transform the component to the overall effect of the spacious. Combined with the ceramic tile seam filling agent and colorful variety of adornment effect, small family is decorated also can extract with a delicate, wonderful. Ceramic tile seam filling agent of, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five brand products, product range covers the true porcelain, porcelain, water-based epoxy, the edge water treasure to four categories, to meet the demand of most of the ceramic tile decoration. Caulking agent products rich colors, durable, can effectively resist bacteria, the pollution of ceramic tile aperture, prevent black ceramic tile aperture moldy, protect the owner's life health. Caulking, a trust housekeeper you environmental protection life path.
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