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How to deal with caulking agent come unglued?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Ceramic tile caulking appears to be a very easy decoration works, practice is very troublesome, in the process of ceramic tile gap filling construction, more common problem is - — Ceramic tile seam filling agent come unglued! Some owners after finish caulking and soon found degumming phenomenon of caulking at home. How do you avoid caulking agent come unglued? Ceramic tile seam filling agent degumming is likely to be due to the problem of caulking division has not enough experience or is not a qualified caulking products. If we can avoid the following problems timely, can effectively prevent caulking degumming. A seam, qing qing carefully seam is to ensure the caulking material, caulking can completely and ceramic tile aperture adsorption on both sides to live, if you have any some impurities, caulking will be adsorbed on the impurities. Ceramic tile jacking of impurities during the heat bilges cold shrink, also fill the seam roof up, causing the caulking fall off. 。 With box cutters will clean up the dust impurities inside ceramic tile aperture, pay attention to not let the shovel touching the surface of ceramic tile. For already. The ceramic tile of caulking, at least the qing mm deep cracks, ceramic tile edge must be clean, prevent ceramic tile edge black later. 。 Clean up good ceramic tile aperture to immediately with clean brush to clean the dust from impurities. 。 Use a vacuum cleaner to secondary cleaning with ceramic tile aperture gap, ensure the dust cleared in the ceramic tile. 。 Use dry towel or sponge to clean dust on either side of the ceramic tile aperture and, really clean and dust-free. Ceramic tile aperture due to the too small, clean up must be very careful, some even have to hand out bit by bit the inside of the dust and dirt, absolutely is a time-consuming and big project. So when the cracks in the cleaning up, must be careful, make sure that each gap did not exist in colloidal, powder sundry. Second, choose qualified caulking products on the market at present is very popular a two-component gap filling agent, it was formed by epoxy resin and polymer with strong elasticity and the hardness of porcelain thick liquid, can form a thick layer of protective film on the surface after construction, with the moisture permeability and other functions. Some manufacturers 'caulking agent banner, the material is filled seam an agent, Trace polymer + normal pigment) , its character is filled seam an agent, with darker color can appear after use brick seam surface discoloration phenomenon, this is because the inferior materials used most is filled seam an agent, cement mixture itself can prevent water inflows, but paint will gradually with the oxygen in the air by oxidation, thus appear fade phenomenon, gradually change color surface will form the defect and degumming phenomenon. So caulking division when choosing products, must choose normal manufacturer of formal product factory. Porcelain is a kind of water using domestic waterborne two-component caulking products of environmental protection material. Uphold the concept of environmental protection on the market, it has a high gloss, good adhesion and environmental protection, operation is convenient, the advantages of easy to clean, no smell. It in water for dispersion medium, does not contain organic solvent, does not cause air pollution, can satisfy the demands of the present family decorates environmental protection! Three, caulking filling to full play, usually play very full, this is to ensure that the uniform of aperture. Caulking agent construction adhesive mouth place need cutting according to the size of the ceramic tile aperture, this is because when the nozzle exit width and seam width, the extrusion caulking agent of glue can and brick seam perfect combination, can avoid redundant caulking agent caused less waste can also avoid the phenomenon such as filling is not full. Caulking agent filling is not complete, there are gaps or water invasion due to the lack of operation, at the time of filling caulking agent might accidentally into water or other impurities, especially in hutch defends the humid place, a large number of moisture into the surface of ceramic tile, accumulate over a long period is easy to cause flooding and degumming. It is common for ceramic tile construction of the new problem. Deal with caulking agent construction the emergence of this situation, there is a way to deal with. You just need to sort, the site of degumming and moisture, and then use the caulking agent construction again. Four, seam pressure matter let caulking agent and ceramic tile gap adhesion is better, there are two main types of pressure construction joints, one is direct scrape to evenness with scraper, this internal but even, using late will affect the overall smoothness, another is to use seam pressure ball handling, this kind of concave joint processing, more compact. Seam caulking pressure seam ball skills are many, the strength is very critical, pressure when the seam strength wants moderate, each with a seam pressure, the pressure at the end of every seam clean ball stick on the remaining material, and then a pressure seam. The degree of the seam pressure? To make material on either side of the gap inside and good separation, which is more convenient than do clean up material, easy tear. Do construction joints is to check for leakage pressure or not perfect place in time, if some brick seam caulking agent filling quantity too little, you need to fill again, and then use seam pressure ball pressure again. Check in time in order to facilitate early repair, especially the internal Angle and the border of the ground, can use a scraper to deal with. It is important to note: pay attention to the width of the rubber mouth before construction and construction of cement exports. Recommend glue after selecting seam pressure tool, stitched balls instead of scraper selection pressure. Because the seam pressure ball strength is greater than the scraper, can make the caulking agent with better adhesion. Caulking gather research and development, production, sales, construction as a whole, across the country have the shandong jinan, nanjing, jiangsu, anhui maanshan production base. Caulking adhere to the concept of green environmental protection production, high quality production technology, perfect after-sale system, focus on environmental protection gap filling products, all for family health, for customer satisfaction.
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