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How to decorate caulking toilet?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
In decorating a process, the owner may not particularly care about inside toilet adornment, but will notice the moisture-proof, waterproof function of the toilet. Make toilet can keep dry, waterproof, is not only for the future life bring convenience and health, but also to maintain the neighborhood harmony relationship between the upper and lower floors. From the waterproof caulking, every step need to construction personnel delicate and exquisite. Waterproof than brush again for toilet decorates, waterproof is a relatively important process. May have some owners think waterproof can be at ease as long as you do it again, but that is not the case. Waterproof is usually begin to do after leveling and dry, while the construction personnel are very detailed, but there is no guarantee that doing the first time in the process of waterproof will in every corner of the room carefully daub evenly waterproof material. Only do it again is waterproof, leaking is likely to happen in the future. The leaking after decorating, both upstairs and downstairs, will be very trouble to repair. Caulking advice please, therefore, do a few times as much as possible when doing waterproof ( To The Times) 。 Usually, each layer of waterproof after will have a curing period, need to wait for the waterproof layer and then on to the next layer of waterproof construction. To brush metope ground in the process of using toilet, touching water not only makes the ground, metope, Especially the shower wall) Can also be stained with water for a long time. If metope is not timely do waterproof, could be generating metope mildewy, FanJian, water seepage, etc. So do waterproof, should not only consider the ground of waterproof, waterproof wall also need to consider. In order to prevent ground water was trampled, so are generally do metope to do ground first. Metope waterproof can undertake choosing according to family member's height, average height of the family generally choose. Meters waterproof wall height can, if there is a higher height of family members, can choose metope waterproof up to. Meters. After all done to test the waters metope waterproof finish to stick wall brick, and the ground waterproof because connects the fluctuation floor, so after finish waterproof need filling test, do leak fill a vacancy. The owner or the construction personnel need to be waterproof and curing has been completed within the ground of toilet water storage on a certain height, the depth of the water should be not less than mm, also can't above the door of the bathroom waterproof, suggested that water for hours. After hours, inside the toilet water has no obvious drop, the downstairs bathroom ceiling no water mark is qualified water storage test. If the owner or the construction personnel often downstairs at home, also can each - Hours go downstairs to check one more time. During the trial, if found to have a leaking situation, should immediately stop water test, and record the produce water mark, to apply the waterproof layer and needed to conduct a water test after curing, until the test completely successful. Water after the success of the test, need to pave the ground with a layer of cement mortar, to guard the waterproof layer and prevent the destruction of the waterproof layer in the tile construction after surface. After ceramic tile to be chosen prevent slippery brick waterproof finish can be continue to stick floor tile, because toilet water is more, the ground is wet due to moisture. If you don't choose to prevent slippery brick, is likely to slip when using the toilet, have an accident. So to owner and owner family's safety, it is suggested that the floor tile of toilet as far as possible choose to compare prevent slippery floor tile. Many ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tiles, archaize brick surface is rough, prevent slippery effect also is quite high. Can have many design and color glazed ceramic brick, all sorts of decorate a style to match with the landlord thought. Archaize brick color is more, but feel more consistent, more suitable for European decorate a style. The owner can choose according to their own reasonable decorate a style to the above two kinds of ceramic tile. In addition, if the owners decided after caulking construction, remind me if you need in the brick paving brick paving the teacher leave enough wide gap. Usually leave about mm gap is enough caulking construction, according to archaize brick need leave a little wide, about the - Mm between. Ceramic tile aperture gap filling even done waterproof, resistance to life in the future, ceramic tile aperture internal also can cause water damage of because of life, soap stains, such as black and gradually eroded mildewy, produce unpleasant odor. These mould and peculiar smell, not only affects the beautiful sex of whole toilet space, will also affect the health of the owner and his family. In order to put an end to these health risks, it is suggested that after ceramic tile shop is stuck, gap after internal dry in a timely manner caulking construction. Do caulking also should choose quality good product caulking, because toilet environment is special, caulking products also want more waterproof than usual, at the same time the product itself is non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection. Caulking products are through strict test before they go out, ensure that products comply with national standard 'GB - 》。 In addition, caulking product color beautiful, fight corrupt wear-resisting, both can satisfy the use requirement, can have very good adornment effect. Toilet is not just a decoration space, it also carries the owner dribs and drabs of life in the future. Let toilet is good-looking and practical, is the purpose of this article. Wish every owner, can be in the future life, have their own small really fortunate. Gap filling agent, which owns brands, Mr Jie brand, roubaix, nest, xin porcelain brand five brand product, caulking product color bright, mildew antibacterial, smooth as porcelain, suitable for all kinds of decoration, tooling gap beautification adornment.
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