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how to deep clean tile floors - flooring -

by:Kastar     2020-05-29
How do you know if your tile floor really needs deep cleaning?Up 6 feet to 5 metres from where your eyes are, they may look good, but in reality they may need deep cleaning.The best way is to wipe the test.Take a clean kitchen towel and wipe it on the floor to see what happens.Another way is to wear a pair of white socks across the floor.
Anyway, you\'ll soon know if it needs deep cleaning.You might even just get the tile floor wet and you obviously think it\'s clean but is it?Another way to test is to touch the test.It\'s really simple because all you do is put your hands on the floor.
Do you feel sticky?If so, it\'s not clean.
Sticky residues are usually caused by the rough detergent used and they are generally not washed off the floor.This sticky residue will simply stick more dirt to the floor.Another test is to look at the floor.If the tile should be shiny, does it look shiny?Looking at any cracks and mud on the surface of the floor, can you see any dirt?Ask yourself this question: wipe it clean.
Is your dinner clean enough?If not, then it\'s time to clean the tile floor in depth.Before you start, let\'s say your tile is porcelain or ceramic, which is usually the case, and you need to know what kind of dirt you are trying to clean up.If it\'s your kitchen floor, then the most likely answer is grease and dirt.
In this case, you need a cleaner that can reduce grease.However, if it is in the bathroom and in the shower, then it may be soap slag.In this case, you need a cleaner that can remove the soap slag and a hard brush that helps to remove the soap slag.
The soft cotton mop may be good enough for a smooth tile floor, but the rough textured surface requires a brush.Many floors are well cleaned, but even the tile floor, vacuuming is a better option.Most vacuum cleaners have hard floor settings, but if not, raise the height setting to the maximum in order to avoid scratching the tiles.
This makes mopping easier and prevents the dirt that may be left behind after cleaning from spreading around.You also need to know the type of tile surface you have.Any natural stone, such as lime China, marble and granite, can be sensitive to some chemicals in modern cleaning products, so you should only use the products recommended by the tile manufacturer.
Tile is the ideal choice for mopping, GeneralThe purpose cleaner is OK for daily mopping, but not all tiles are the same, and some tile cleaners can dim the tiles or March.Again, please make sure to use the tile and grout cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.For tiles, it is important to use alkaline tilesBecause this will break the dirt in the tiles and grout.
Use hot water and follow instructions from the cleaning manufacturer about dilution.Drag the floor clean with a solution and place it for about 30 minutes, but don\'t let it dry.If needed, re-Use the cleaning fluid for the second time.
Then rinse clean with cold water.
If all the surfaces of the detergent you are using are not cleaned, you may need to rinse twice.However, if you are dealing with dirt and dirt that really clog the tiles, you may need to hire an electric scrub machine to produce the firstclass result.Nevertheless, the best way to keep the tile floor clean is to prevent.
First take measures to prevent it from getting dirty.Placing a cushion outside and inside each door can help a lot.You need to make sure the mat is cleaned regularly.
Another very good idea is to take off your shoes at the door
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