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How to determine the tile green is filled seam an agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Construction personnel reflect a lot of our ceramic tile gap filling agent, said at the time of go to clients home construction will consult whether caulking agent product belongs to the green environmental protection, whether it is harmless to the body such as questions about the safety of green here. So we want to find a good place to buy caulking agent brand and identification of caulking agent is green, you know what is filled seam an agent brand good caulking agent brand is in compliance with the standards prescribed by the state. So, what kind of caulking agent product belongs to the green environmental protection? Caulking manufacturer to read, to judge whether caulking agent products belong to the green environmental protection, there are the following: first, to see the product label, in general, many ceramic tile product labels of caulking agent will indicate whether those words of green environmental protection; Second, see whether the standards of product within the range of state, and whether there is a marked in accordance with the GB - international 'These clear stipulation scope of technical indicators; The third, caulking agent construction is belong to odorless or have a slight odour, if is a slight odor, belongs to the normal ceramic tile gap filling agent, pungent if more serious, so probably the quality of the product to be to test; Fourth, ceramic tile seam filling agent brand influence, a lot of the time gap filling agent of brand in the market marketing efforts can also see from one side of the product is good, if many customers know this brand, then explain the caulking agent brand has been formed a certain reputation among customers, and be recognized. Caulking from the beginning of brand creation, then fill with environmental ceramic tile seam as the goal, after years of experiments and the formula of continuous improvement, has successfully developed the true porcelain series, water porcelain series, elegant porcelain series, water-based epoxy, beauty of edge gap filling product categories such as ceramic tile, products have been strictly tested headquarters, environmental health, quality category variety, colour is gorgeous, and the construction is convenient, anti-fouling properties such as wear-resisting, can fully meet the demand of different decorate a style, so by the majority of caulking division and the owner's consistent high praise.
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