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How to diy caulking, let a return to teach teach us

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Ceramic tile, as a kind of common decoration materials, we can use it in decorating in the home, it can not only cut off the oil, and scrubbing up is also very convenient, in order to guarantee the heat bilges cold shrink of ceramic tile, ceramic tile in the shop when must leave seam, to avoid squeeze broken tile happen, and these cracks without do caulking, time is long will inevitably have some residue inside the stains affect new home decorate a beautiful sex. Caulking how to do? Let return to teach a teach us today, how to diy caulking, and see it together.

select material

common caulking materials on the market at present are: white cement, caulking agent and caulking agent

in the first two kind of basic material has been eliminated, a family to decorate now basically adopt caulking agent for caulking, because caulking agent not only can effectively prevent the seam moldy black ceramic tile, can waterproof and oil, high-grade color can improve the grade of the decoration.

diy caulking should pay attention to before

before making a gap filling to ensure that the base of ceramic tile is dry, usually have to wait until after the ceramic tile shop sticks 24 hours can have caulking, avoid caulking curing after the collapse.

diy caulking

1, clean ceramic tile seam

before you start doing caulking, use clean seam cone or art design knife pick out the impurities in the ceramic tile aperture, and then, the vacuum cleaner with brush clean.

2, paste the crepe paper

on the edge of the ceramic tile aperture crepe paper, try to keep and ceramic tile edges overlap, caulking agent when the caulking so don't dirty ceramic tile.

3, caulking

install caulking agent on the glue guns, slowly down the ceramic tile seam began to fill our seam an agent, pay attention to the strength should be uniform, and scraping board or iron ball.

4, remove excess caulking agent

caulking after waiting time of a day, after caulking agent cured, tear, crepe paper with a knife overflowed the ceramic tile aperture of excess gap filling agent.

well about how to do your own caulking topic today is talking about here, isn't it simple? If your home is decorated might as well do it myself.
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