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How to do caulking?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
As use caulking grout to decorate the home owner more and more, caulking division also gradually more up. Caulking division, will let the caulking gradually fierce competition of the industry, and caulking construction level are also some changes have taken place. Caulking is not easy, how to quickly solve the problems of caulking construction process, how to be more efficient to complete the caulking construction, these are the caulking issue to consider. Today, some caulking caulking division experience to share with you, hope to fill the seam caulking teacher in the future construction of help. Issue a dozen material is uneven, sometimes discharging, sometimes less discharge? This is new in the process of sealant caulking division is one of common problems, the use of glue guns with caulking products can't conform to their intention, in some places, some places less. Although the glue could not see the change, but at the time of pressure seam need to spend more time to make up for the gap, two-tone and thin place are more likely to produce caulking late fall off. The reasons for this problem is out of caulking division of glue gun caused by unskilled operation. Mixing tube discharging gap filling products faster and manual press glue gun trigger is consistent, but the glue gun itself in the forward feed tube, piston will gradually increase the pressure on feed tube. If the trigger on don't let go, glue guns will lose this part of the pressure, the possibility can't discharge. Therefore, only when the press of a glue gun trigger at the same frequency and glue guns moving speed, which is according to certain rhythm repeatedly press the trigger, trigger action, caulking can smooth evenly. Problem two gap filling material is what position construction, can more comfortable? Caulking teacher every day to do a lot of caulking work, time is long will naturally feel fatigue. So in front of the high strength work, caulking division will naturally want to compare energy method. In general, both wall brick and floor tile, keep mixing tube and ceramic tile aperture about ° Angle ( And below) The direction of the position is more energy saving. In the process of floor tile gap filling at the same time, also want to keep a crouching posture, is advantageous to the floor tile of mobile, and at a constant speed of the glue. No matter what kind of posture, in the process of caulking should pay attention to the mix. In minutes of sealant, suggest you caulking standing breaks collar. This helps collar muscles rest, let the efficiency more a layer of sealant. Question three some white brick, to have a black side, what should I do? White porcelain black border and caulking division in the process of caulking more difficult problems. The cause of the problem, a kind of situation is caulking ShiZaiQing sewing process, the shovel or the front end of the knife, also is not belong to the blade part of the town wall ceramic tile; Another case is caulking blades used in the quality is bad, to is likely to lead to ceramic tile ceramic tile wall wall. So if need to fill the white ceramic tile seam, caulking division had better to owner first and try to be a period of caulking, while doing to owner that may produce the black border. Wait until the owner agreed to accept to start construction after the caulking scheme. If have black side of the situation, can dip in with dishcloth take some caulking division wiped clean reagent, such as clean lavatory spirit and so on. Wipe the black side need to have patience, wiped repeatedly before he could wipe off black border. Problem four caulking grout found in some places it has finished, how to do? Under normal circumstances, caulking products in hours ( One day) Then you can start to clean up the remaining material. In some cases, due to appear in the process of glue mixing unevenness, likely in the process of shovel excess stock found caulking products not dry. In this case, caulking dry naturally, do not need to wait for caulking products and with a pen knife will not do some caulking pick out the gap, then after a series of cleaning construction again. And want to avoid this phenomenon, in the process of installing mixing tube, can squeeze a little more material, so that the mix, epoxy resin and hardener can also avoid the caulking and dry conditions. Caulking construction although there are a lot of skill, but in the process of construction, caulking division or essential for caulking sincerely, careful, considerate, careful to owner. Ceramic tile seam filling agent caulking is set product development, production, sales and construction as one of the modern caulking enterprises. Shandong jinan, nanjing, jiangsu, anhui ma on shan three modern production base support for caulking to have large product output. Hubei headquarters in wuhan, central China, east China headquarters in xuzhou, jiangsu two operation center, the national service centers woven the caulking business network throughout the country. Multiple caulking professional team, to buy caulking owners do not need to worry about the effect of caulking.
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