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How to do metope ceramic tile of caulking, mastering skills, ceramic tile, Yin and Yang

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
The metope of many owners home will also choose to affix ceramic tile, especially the metope of toilet and kitchen. And now there is a problem, the ground on the ceramic tile aperture do caulking agent, metope also needs to be done? The answer is yes, metope just when doing the caulking has certain processing techniques, in the face of the location of the Yin and Yang Angle at the same time, the construction can also be easy. Metope of skills in the metope of sealant caulking and on the ground do caulking construction method is the same, only the metope of sealant has certain skills, need more wary of the colloid. Wall is vertical, and gravity, colloid to all scoring gap is really difficult, so when the glue must follow the 'first, after the first transverse vertical' rule. Across the glue, the glue guns to sideways, which the glue, the vertical joints to prevent slip colloid, avoid a lot of trouble, of course, choose good caulking agent vertical glue as well. In metope, we still have some place difficult construction, that is the position Angle of Yin and Yang, what is the Angle of Yin and Yang? Cohesion between metope and metope, can appear Angle of Yin or Yang Angle, this is one of the structure of the building cannot be avoided, Yin Angle refers to the place of dents, and Yang Angle refers to the place out. Yin and Yang Angle do caulking seam, one of the most difficult thing is pressure common tools may be suitable for all kinds of surface crack, but Yin and Yang Angle is difficult to grasp. Yin and Yang Angle seam pressure? , Yin Yin Angle is dents in the corner of the room, may also be a ceramic tile floor and metope place connected the line that play a base, the shade if one side is rough, ceramic tile, need to be labeled and crepe paper glue in advance; Hesitate to Yin Angle is small, can't use normal seam pressure tool, try to choose specifications smaller tools, or internal Angle dedicated tools, so as to pressure in the internal Angle of aperture, guarantee the gap filling effect. Construction than the Yin, Yang Yang Angle Angle should pay attention to many, because out of the corner can make it right, also can make a boxer, rounded corners, using different tools, the effect of the pressure out is different also. General advice to choose to package the edge of the seam pressure plate, cover the edges, don't let overflow aperture gap filling agent, also have Yang Angle of special tools. Yang Angle construction don't need to be labeled as crepe paper, but make sure gap there is plenty of caulking agent.
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