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How to eradicate whiskering the goblin!

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Whiskering is caulking construction more difficult in the process of a problem. It quietly, and everywhere. It can suddenly appeared before construction, also able to clean up the remaining material to show a corner. Whiskering everywhere, all with a layer of white crystals. This layer crystals, both neither is beautiful, also can in the future corrosion of ceramic tile and caulking, gradually reduce the service life of them. What's worse, once appear, whiskering phenomenon, then there is a big probability will be repeated. How to eradicate is effective method? At ordinary times should be how to prevent? Let's go near whiskering, let it nowhere to hide. Knowledge of principle whiskering refers to the hydrate of cement, stone, encounter after water by high temperature evaporation, by precipitation gradually from the material surface formed by alkaline crystal material. If there is a lot of water seepage, or rapid changes in temperature, so will be speed up the process of evaporation, precipitation, whiskering will be more serious. Know the principle of the whiskering, then in whiskering phenomenon occurs, caulking division can according to the site situation to determine how it happened. Find out the reasons for cement and stone material itself reason, whiskering is ubiquitous in theory. Once found whiskering phenomenon, caulking should stop construction, from the following several aspects to observe the scene or ask the owner, find out the reason to suit the remedy to the case. Ceramic tile aperture wet such reasons for this kind of toilet and kitchen may in decorating a process for water, especially in the water under the tap that piece area. As the faucet did not tighten, or workers operational error, that a piece of ceramic tile aperture will come into contact with the water for a long time. And ceramic tile aperture in the depth of the cement mortar has been in a humid - Dry - Wet stage again, such repeated process will whiskering phenomenon can occur easily. Rainy days out sometimes, caulking division encountered bad weather situation may struggle. The rain weather, air moisture is itself is rich, ceramic tile aperture will be hard to do. If the gap filling in the cracks in the semi-dry directly, in the solidification process of caulking, it is easy to stain the alkaline cement crystal at the grassroots level whiskering occur. Accidental water tiles belongs to the early in decorate adornment, owner of building vulnerability may not have noticed. So at this time if there is a strong rain weather, very likely house leak phenomenon. Due to the rain of impurity is more, more prompt whiskering phenomenon, resulting in leakage area appeared layers of alkaline crystallization. Don't know much about grass-roots caulking some caulking owner, may in brick paving brick paving master tacit for gap filling operation. But the state of caulking gun is not stable, not only can't alkali, spots and easy. In decorating, after the completion of these filled seam cracks often has been stain or alkali crystallization. Destroying it as caulking, for some occasional whiskering phenomenon, still can use some method to eradicate it. But for some of large-area whiskering phenomenon, it is possible that houses the problem of water seepage. Caulking division can't cure of this kind of problem, need to inform owner details, will leak after the repair can begin caulking construction. If is in advance after caulking seams, caulking t remember, be sure to wipe out the caulking part clean for the next step in addition to the basic work. Washing method because this kind of alkaline crystal can be diluted by water, so the caulking division can use clear water is rinsed repeatedly in the part of the whiskering. After rinse, caulking division water scrub of ceramic tile surface should be clean, and then let the water gap within the natural drying. In the gap after the drying, caulking teacher can go to the scene to see the gap is still retained with alkali, if so, the above operations, continue until the crystallization of aperture disappear entirely. This method for more stubborn whiskering phenomenon, may need to make a long war. So the washing method is suggested whiskering use less obvious areas. Pickling process for a few more stubborn, alkaline crystallization, caulking can use pickling process to eradicate. Around ℃ warm water, add % - total capacity Mix about % of oxalic acid solution, the oxalic acid solution with the brush evenly on the surface of the ceramic tile that appear whiskering and aperture, and just wait for ceramic tile aperture drying can be completed in addition to the basic work. If there is no oxalic acid solution, and caulking lavatory spirit and other acidic cleaner can also be used to replace the oxalic acid solution. Acid and alkali neutralization, also can effectively remove alkali crystallization. There are some ceramic tile surface can be fragile, so caulking division in the use of pickling process, also want to inform the owner may be some corrosion of ceramic tile. In addition, can also be appropriate to reduce the solution ratio, reduce corrosive solution, just as the solution density decreases, caulking division also need to brush a few times to remove more alkaline crystallization. For whiskering phenomenon, can no longer endure! This strategy, and sent to the general worry for whiskering caulking masters. Science, prevention effect a radical cure, can let whiskering problems no longer occur. In addition, after the crystallization in alkaline cleaning, and then using alkali caulking series product, can completely prevent whiskering phenomenon, make ceramic tile aperture healthy beautiful beautiful state. Caulking grout product owns water porcelain, porcelain, porcelain epoxy, the four categories of joint sealant products, meet the demand of all kinds of caulking decoration. In addition, the crack resistance to alkali, mouldproof product antibacterial, keep bright beautiful, is the necessary choice of many owners of green home outfit.
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