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How to Grout Porous Tile

by:Kastar     2020-05-30
Natural stone tiles increase the value of the House and attract buyers, but these decorative tiles also absorb moisture and apply on the surface, leaving ugly and distracting stains in the finished product.Especially humid and highIn the traffic area, sealing the Porous tile before grouting will maintain its appearance and ensure a long service life.The traditional method of applying grouting requires you to apply grouting on the tiles and seams, but applying grouting with the caulking gun will keep the grouting in the seams and limit the possibility that the excess grouting will be absorbed by the tiles.Remove any plastic gaskets used to properly align the tiles.Wipe the surface of the tile with a clean cloth and remove any dust or loose dirt.If the tiles are particularly dirty, wet the rag with warm water.Let the tiles completely dry before starting the sealing process.Although the process may take three days in wet weather, most manufacturers recommend having the tiles dry overnight.Wear protective gloves and masks before using the sealant.Make sure the room is well ventilated.Open a screened window and enjoy the breeze during treatment.Apply tile sealant as per manufacturer\'s instructions.Most tile sealant can be used from bottles and can be applied to ungrout tiles with a sponge, but some manufacturers specify to apply the sealant with a plastic spatula.Test the sealant on the corner tile before applying the entire floor.Most manufacturers recommend that you do not evaluate your test patch in color.Let the cauldron be placed for a few minutes, and then put a few drops of water on the tile.If the drops are absorbed into the tile and leave a black spot, you need to apply more sealant or more than one coating.Apply the sealant to the tile according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Work from the back corner of the room to the door to avoid stepping on the recently processed tiles.Dry the sealant within the time specified by the manufacturer.If stated in the instructions, apply the second layer coating and then let the product solidify.Most products become dry after an hour and can continue walking safely within 20 minutesfour to forty-eight hours.You can apply tiles after the tiles are dry and walk safely;Most sealant is not fully cured until a few days later.Trim the end of the plastic applicator on an empty caulking tube with scissors.Cut the tip at a slight angle so you leave an opening wide enough to fit into the grouting joint.Mix epoxy grouting according to manufacturer\'s instructions.Most epoxy resin refiners require you to mix paste or powder and hardening agent in a plastic bucket or bucket.Please refer to the instructions for precise mixing requirements.Do not mix too much mud.Consistency should be smooth, smearing paste.Put the funnel into the loading end of the empty caulking pipe.Slowly shovel a small amount of mud into the funnel to fill the caulking pipe.Load the caulking pipe into the caulking gun.Make the seam between the tip of the caulking pipe and the tile at a certain angle.Squeeze the trigger on the caulking gun, forcing the mud to flow out of the tube.Slowly drag the gun down the length of the joint and evenly distribute the grouting into the gap.If necessary, push the grouting into the joint with the finger wearing gloves.Apply a small piece with a tile of about 3 feet square meters.Use a damp sponge to gently remove any grout from the tile, but do not wet the grout, as doing so may have a negative effect on drying and setting.Continue to fill the rest of the seams and occasionally stop to clean up the grout on the surface of the tile with a sponge.According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, grouting is usually allowed to dry within two to four hours.After the grouting is dry, clean the tiles with a damp sponge, but do not force the sponge into the grouting joint.
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