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How to Grout the Edges of a Tile Backsplash

by:Kastar     2020-05-30
When it comes to the boundary of the grouting device, whether you mean the bull nose running along the floor of the floor or the edge of the tile tailgate, the general principle is the same.While you grouting the tailgate in a similar way to any other type of tile or natural stone installation, you can do something to simplify the process and help speed it up, so you can do it perfectly-looking edges.Apply painter tape throughout the perimeter of the edge of the tailgate, where they combine with the countertop, cabinet, or open wall.This can protect the wood or paint walls from the grout of paint, plaster or wallpaper discoloration and protect these surfaces from water damage when flushing the grout.Mix the mud according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer or use the pre-The simplest application of mixed grouting.Dip the tip of the mud into the mud container and dig out some mud.Apply it to the seams between the tailgate tiles, as well as the seams between the edges of the tailgate end tiles, where it terminates on the countertops, cabinets or open walls and tape.Use a float to scrape excess mud from the surface and edge.Allow grouting to be set in the seam for at least 15 to 20 minutes.By gently touching the finger to the surface of the joint, check if it is ready.If stuck, give more time to grout.If you don\'t stick to it, you can go.Fill the bucket with cold water.Do not use warm water, as this will cause abnormal and rapid hardening of the grouting, resulting in cracking.Wet the sponge, use it to gently smooth the seams between the tiles and clean up the excess parts from the surface of the tile on the tailgate.Use circular motion and rinse the sponge frequently.Use the L-The external tip/corner shape of the edge spatula to cleanly cut off the external edge and internal angle of the grouting line.Do so at the inner corners of the tailgate that meet with the countertop, the underside of the cabinet, the outside edge of the grouting fills in the slight gap behind the edge of the tile, and the Wall rests on the tape.Wash the entire surface with a sponge and water, pay attention to the internal joint and external edges on the tape to ensure smooth joints.Apply pressure--But not too much, otherwise you will pull out the mud.Work diagonally with the face joint and work diagonally with the joint along the edge and inner angle.After washing, gently open the tape and complete the grouting process.
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