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How to Grout Tumbled Travertine Tile

by:Kastar     2020-05-30
The rolling lime tile is a calciumStone formed deep in the hot spring.As the Stones Harden and cool, water vapor escapes the stones, forming passages and pits in the stones, which are still visible in the tiles.These holes help to give the lime China its unique look and finish.During the grouting process, these holes can be filled with grouting to help stabilize the stone, to help keep the stone clean and to give it a full look, or to make it not filledGently brush the surface of the lime with a foam brush, and moisten with a stone closure, thus sealing the surface of the lime.Avoid installing too many sealant inside the hole of the stone, as this will prevent the mud from sticking there.The sealing device is designed to help clear the mud more easily from the surface of the tile.Let the sealer sit for 10 minutes and then buff it with a soft cloth.Mix the ground mud until it reaches the consistency of peanut butter.Got an orange-The size of the grouting ball, which is applied to the surface of the lime with the grouting ball.Float the grout over the entire tile and push the grout into between the tiles and into the holes.Keep the float at 45-Make a certain angle with the tile and push it flat onto larger holes and grouting joints to help fill the grouting.Pass in several directions to help ensure that the grout enters all the holes and seams.Rotate the float nearly 90 degrees and start scraping off excess mud from the surface of the tile.This will help push the grouting into deeper holes.Wait 10 minutes and the mud starts to harden.Gently wipe the grouting sponge and start wiping the surface of the tile.The edge of the sponge is used to form grouting around larger holes and grouting joints.Do not over-Wet the sponge as this will wash off the grouting from the holes and seams.Continue to wipe the surface of the tile until all excess mud is removed.Let the lime dry for 24 hours.Apply a thick seal coating on the entire surface of the tile.Make sure the sealer enters the hole of the stone.This will help prevent the mud from sticking to these areas.Let the sealer penetrate for 10 minutes and then buffer it with a soft cloth.Mix the ground mud until it reaches the consistency of soft peanut butter.Scoop a very small amount of material to the end of the grouting float.Apply mud in the corner where four tiles meet.Use the top edge of the float that stays at 45-With the angle of the tile to drag the grouting along the grouting seam of the tile.Make a few small passes from one side to the other on the seam to help pack the grout.Try not to apply too much mud on the surface of the tile.Let the mud dry for 10 minutes, then wash off the excess mud with a wet sponge.Rinse the sponge frequently to help remove the excess mud.Shape the grouting line with the curved edge of the sponge.If there is any grouting into the larger hole of the tile, please clean it up using the corner of the sponge.Dry the tiles 24 hours a day.
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