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How to Grout Uneven Tile

by:Kastar     2020-05-30
This is always better when a tile is perfectly aligned with an adjacent tile, but unfortunately the tile is not always uniform.Sometimes the size of the mosaic tile and the coordinate tile looks the same, but once installed, the size is different.If you have already started tile work and found some uneven spacing in the bathtub, shower, wall or floor area, you can still grout the tiles to make it look like an eye --appealing.Prepare the surface by cleaning the surface of the tile with excess glue, soap residue and residue.Clean the tiles with warm water and soap detergent and gently scrape off the remaining frankincense with a tool knife or blade.Apply the painter\'s tape and plastic cloth to the hardware, towel rack and shower caddies to protect them from unnecessary grout.Select the grout color that closely matches the tiles to minimize the uneven appearance.According to the instructions on the package, mix the grout in a small bucket.After about 30 minutes, the Grout starts to install, so you need to work quickly.Use a drywall knife or spatula to apply grouting at the cracks between the tiles.The grouting is dispersed on the surface of the tile with horizontal strokes, working 2-to 3-A slice of the foot.Due to uneven tiles, repeat the process with vertical strokes and add more Grout as needed.If the uneven area does not have full grouting, the grouting is spread in the opposite direction-filled.Don\'t worry if there is mud on the tile.Remove the excess grout with a damp cloth, wipe only the surface of the tile, and do not wipe the cracks between the tiles.Rinse the cloth clean and wipe again until all the mud is removed from the surface of the tile.As long as your tile is not broken, the linear cracks between the tiles will be filled evenly with grout.The board pattern may look a bit uneven, but the seamless grouting line minimizes the visual difference.
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