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How to identify the stand or fall of ceramic tile seam filling agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
How to identify the stand or fall of ceramic tile seam filling agent? To identify major can from the following several aspects.

one, the waterproof performance is superior. Its structure uniform, fine in appearance constitute a fine layer of protective film, overcome the defect of the inorganic material easy ooze water. And wipe the wall ground tile when don't have to worry about sewage into the brick joints and make the gap. Brick joints will not wet, no pinhole, mildew will not happen.
2, high bonding strength. Traditional caulking agents are mainly white cement and water dilution mixing powder, the inorganic caulking agent low bonding strength, easy to fall, split brick question. While caulking agent made of polymer * * will not appear this kind of condition. Because between polymer molecules by carbon chain cohesion, structure of compound is also use the high molecular compound neat, tight, high intensity of this characteristic.
3, color rich and exquisite. Color variety, high quality gap filling agent is not the same color and all kinds of different style and color of ceramic tile, color rich natural and exquisite. Let you when decorating, * * bound by color, indulge in deployment of ceramic tile.
4, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Such as kitchen, toilet often deal with acid and alkaline substances, therefore, caulking grout corrosion question seems particularly outstanding in these places, the current various caulking gun exchange question is almost helpless, acid and alkali corrosion and using high quality gap filling agent is * * to solve the question. Although high quality gap filling agent has the ability to resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, but let's still is to avoid acid-base to ceramic tile and the corrosion of aperture, as long as pay attention to the usual maintenance, such ability is filled seam an agent life spans a bit longer, accompany in your side.
5, low odor, first of all, went up from the smell of caulking agent, there is no good caulking agent commodity excitant odour, some caulking grout opened the feed tube at very pungent taste, such as caulking agent first in the environmental protection is not qualified. Colorless, tasteless, can free construction, green environmental protection.

that's small make up to summarize some of the ways on how to discern ceramic tile gap filling, hope to have the certain reference role for reference. Learn more information gap filling agent, can log on to wuhan building material co. , LTD's website for more consultation!
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