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How to increase of small family toilet?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Toilet is closely related to our life, the use of toilet is convenient degree of largely determines the owners home life happiness. However small toilet door model mostly, but inside toilet sanitary ware is necessary, the owner should be how to reasonable arrangement, can let the inside of the toilet space orderly not crowded? A, do receive small toilet, toilet but need to receive really many. Decorate plan, the owner should be arranged according to the usage of family members to receive a toilet. If the house door model allows, do receive a wall embedded in the shower area would be a better choice. In addition, the need to use the bathroom supplies most of the size is too big, and for the sake of easy to use, the owner can choose to install some in bathroom area larger, the reasonable to receive furniture, let owner and his family can be used in the subsequent process, only raise my hand to get their own supplies. Large receive generally divided into two cases. One is a setting in the washstand lens ark, the stage or in the toilet set little cupboard. This general supplies will be hidden in the bathroom area, look also won't appear messy. Another is between the bathroom area and the shower area was an open, movable receive ark. Such receive ark big multi-level bedding trenchant, the space is big, a receive ark can meet the needs of the owner of a put. As for towel, bath towel, bath ball, such as sanitary ware, can purchase a single receive pole stick on the wall to receive, can also according to owner's own need, at a convenient location to paste adhesive hook to receive this kind of products. Second, make although dry wet depart of toilet area is not large, but for the sake of your family's health, the owner still need to do some dry wet depart. For the small family, the traditional shower room may not be installed under, but the owner can use the shower curtain for segmentation. Shower curtain, though not like the shower room that is completely closed, but as long as cooperate with weather bar, can be able to block most of the water. If the landlord wants to install bath crock, can choose the length. M, the depth of the bath crock of cm. This kind of bath crock is general to the barrel type structure, although the area will be a little small, but one or more bubble bath, will not affect the use effect. Three, clever use of mirrors and light mirror can map out of sight, so can increase in depth of people's vision, let a person think the space is larger than the actual space here on the double. Small family toilet also can be decorated by a mirror, visually do cheat. Such owner when using the toilet, also won't feel depressed or crowded. Specular adornment can be used in the model on both sides, the location of the wall to wall, also can put in the place where the door head on, these are very prone to the location of the visual illusion. Small family toilet has a drawback, it is no Windows, or is not in the sun without sunshine. Because the sunshine can't lead to indoor outside, so the owner can consider themselves to increase indoor light to increase daylighting. Can be in the bathroom toilet area, shower area mainly to add some lights, so that the owners when use will be more convenient. In addition, can also through the use of transparent materials such as glass, metal decorative reflective, to achieve the result of toilet internal daylighting is good. Four leave Spaces, because the whole family is small, so when considering furniture put, the gap between furniture and furniture should be considered. Gap is too small, can affect not only the owner of the daily use, whole space look will be more crowded. So the owner of furniture of the region in each space arrangement, try to make some space. If the door is too small, can consider to remove the washstand of washing machines, bathrooms, or choose a smaller size but does not affect the use of furniture. In addition, based on the characteristics of the visual senses, some line soft furniture, also looks will be softer, for the shape of whole space is also very beneficial. The furniture of circular arc, also will be more safer, prevent children in the use of knock against accidents. Five, the overall color consistent and unified color looks will increase vision visual illusion does exist, the adornment of the warm color department. So the small family toilet style generally are suitable for more warm light colors such as white, cream-colored. In addition to the need to use this kind of light color fastens ceramic tile, color also need to agree with ceramic tile, caulking grout to achieve the whole house seems no obvious line of transparent feeling. Although the ceramic tile with the color of caulking should agree, but that doesn't mean bathroom furniture also need colour. After all, the color of the light color fastens element is too much, can produce a kind of light pollution effect, the owner in the soft part, can be appropriate to add some adornment colour in toilet. International industrial co. , LTD is set research and development, production, sales, construction as one of the professional caulking company. Company caulking brand, when jay, roubaix, nest, xin porcelain, porcelain, porcelain product caulking water cut of edge, waterborne epoxy, beauty, etc. , with several providers, local counties all over the country more than a second line.
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