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how to install ceramic floor tile - yourself!

by:Kastar     2020-05-31
Want to know how to install tile floor tiles?
Installing tiles is a stepby-
Step process that anyone convenient can learn.
Like many other family projects.
Because time is money, professionals are quick.
In addition, professionals must deal with various project situations.
But we amateurs can relax and maybe just make one or two rooms so we don\'t have to deal with a lot of different situations.
You can learn to do a professional job and enjoy the satisfaction of installing tiles while saving some money!
The tiles make the floor both beautiful and practical.
Tile floors will last for generations with minimal maintenance.
The tile is a perfect floor surface, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and foyer.
Tile floor. . . The Base.
Tiles can be installed on many different materials, including old tiles, vinyl flooring and concrete.
Wood is usually a bad base for tiles.
The movement of wood can cause cracking of ceramic tile joints.
The best base for floors and walls is Hardy-
Cement back panel.
This material will not be damaged by water.
Also, it is stable and easy to use.
Collection tools.
Collect tools first.
You need the following: usually your first floor layout step is to find the center of the room.
Measure the width and length of the room and strike line to determine the center.
Use these lines as a guide for laying tiles.
As you move along the floor, continue tapping the chalk line on the floor as a guideline.
The appearance of the floor must have eye appeal.
You may need to start on the wall, so you cut the tiles on one side only.
It depends on the room and the situation.
Starting from the center is the most common method.
Lay some tiles on the dry floor as you planned.
The drying setting of the tile allows you to better imagine the appearance of the finished floor before applying the adhesive! Thin-Set.
Adhesive, or thin
Set, is a mortar mixture designed for tile installation.
There are several brands and types of thin onesset.
Different additives are used for different applications.
Your dealer will help you choose the best product for your job. Thin-
The suit also has different colors.
You can be readymixed thin-set. Pros use thin-
Like a mortar mixture, a suit made with water.
Mix with a mixer and an electric drill.
Tiled floor. Spread thin-
Too much setup.
You\'ll want a special tile spatula with a notch edge to build the ridge in a thin placeset.
The ridge will help you measure the right thickness. set.
Too much adhesive oozes out of the top of the joint and makes a mess.
Keep the chalk line lead line uncovered and place the edge of the tile on the line.
For the floor, the gap between the tiles is about 3/16.
To obtain a consistent space, use the conventional tile spacing device made for this purpose.
At the edge of the floor you will cut the tiles as needed.
Often, many edge parts are cut to the same size.
But keep checking as many rooms are not completely square.
Continue to cross the floor and make a line every few rows to line up in both directions.
Grout tiles.
Make the tile 24-
They were ready in 48 hours.
Fill the space between tiles using grouting.
Grouting is easy to apply in a variety of colors.
Mix the mud and water to make sure it is well mixed so there is no lump.
Apply mud with rubber wipes.
Grouting is sanded or unpolished with sandpaper.
The mortar contains sand to make it stronger.
Sand grouting is used in joints above 1/8 wide.
After about 30 minutes, clean up the mud from the tile.
At this point, the mud is glazed on the surface of the tile!
One hour after the second cleaning.
Clean with clear water in the sponge.
Put a little vinegar in the water in the stubborn area and make them completely clean!
After about 24 hours of drying, the tile area can be used. . . Generations!
These are the basics of how to install the tiles.
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