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How to let owner caulking brand trust you?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Nowadays, caulking seems increasingly become the owner just need to decorate. With the increasing of the cognition of caulking owner, choice of caulking products is becoming more and more cautious. Even if they do not know much about caulking, also can put forward to caulking practitioners all sorts of doubts. Caulking practitioner if you can't answer the owner of the doubt, can't let owner convinced through early language, then this single caulking construction is likely to lose. International as a professional service every caulking caulking brand partners, sorting out the marketing these common words, let partners to talk about in the list more smoothly. Caulking primary words (to do what's good about caulking? The owner of this problem, the most in the practitioner and caulking will ask questions when I meet you. The problem for caulking practitioners, is a more basic and more important problem. Base, almost every owner can mention the problem, says it is important, because if you can't answer this question well, the owner could lose to do the will of the caulking. Answer this question, therefore, need to seize the owner's pain points, down the owner want answers and answer. In general, the owner want to do caulking, adornment effect is better is the value gap filling agent. In addition, materials and environmental protection is a basic requirement of the owner for building materials, so the two parts should be at the beginning to owner. Knowing what you want to understand some to the owners, be was up after caulking interest, caulking practitioners to illustrate the advantages of some caulking again, the owner will feel caulking role than they expected, and will have more interest on caulking. Words (sample of color has a lot of, you see our color plate, and the field of caulking rendering, so many color there is always a suitable for your style. Our products not only good-looking, also very good. Construction when you can come to visit, our caulking products will not have any offensive odor, late in life there will be no smell. Don't believe you can recall that when you visit our shop smell any pungent smell? In addition, caulking and waterproof antifouling, crack resistance to alkali and clean when you only need to clean with the ground, metope can wipe up, greatly reduced the amount of time you do the housework. Caulking product was how to prove you are environmental protection advanced words? Through all kinds of formaldehyde room, check in bridal chamber in infants and young children suffering from leukemia and other news, the influence of each owner of environmental protection is more attention to when decorate. Because of involving their health, only simple explanation is not satisfy the owners worry mood. And if this problem well, the owner will naturally increase confidence in the caulking practitioners, single will greatly improve the success rate. About environmental protection, can show ceramic tile product caulking grout qualification to directly prove the products of environmental protection, also can let the owner directly feel the scene inside the construction site of caulking material, construction process, odor, etc. Believe that after this experience, the owner will trust the product gradually, trust caulking practitioners. Product was sample first of all, our words will not produce excitant odour, you can follow me to show the scene to look at. In addition, our products are raw materials are imported from German environmental protection materials, each a product regularly samples will be sent to the authorities. This is the product inspection report, you can see our product does not contain building materials common in formaldehyde, benzene, these harmful material. So for a piece of environmental protection, you can be at ease completely. Caulking problem words (what is the difference between true porcelain porcelain and water? If the above two problems of caulking isn't really the owner ask more, so this problem is to have some knowledge of caulking owners ask more. At the same time, it is also a caulking practitioners in the recommended water porcelain, owners often mentioned a question. If caulking division want recommend water porcelain, so they need to be water porcelain understand more deeply, in this way can we have answers to the question of owner. True porcelain porcelain and water from the point of view of appearance are not obvious difference, the difference lies in the product material is different. True porcelain is oily materials, insoluble in water, once when construction accidentally touch the clothes, skin, and it is difficult to clean. Water is water-based porcelain material, mainly by the modification of waterborne epoxy resin and curing agent with water soluble group, polymer additives, pigments. Water during the curing reaction of porcelain not soluble in water, easier to clean than true porcelain, construction will also feel better. Therefore, water gap filling effect of porcelain generally than true porcelain is more exquisite. Words of art porcelain sample water water material is environmental protection raw material modified generated, soluble in water, before curing if carelessly onto it is to use clean water to wash off. And the color of the water-based material, flexible aspects will be more exquisite, finish the gap filling effect is better than the true porcelain color full, roughness will be better. Caulking words art need caulking practitioners develop gradually, in continuous learning and art is not invariable, caulking practitioners can also according to their own experience of learning. In this way can, in the fierce brand competition, the owner of the trust. Caulking after years of development, has formed the collection research and development, production, sales and construction as one of the complete industrial chain. Caulking in their growing at the same time, also do not forget to support work together partners: irregular conduct caulking training, strengthen cooperation partner professional knowledge; Docking with the one-to-one customer manager, dredge the entrepreneurial problem for the partner.
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