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How to maintain intelligent lock?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Household intelligent lock is the new generation of locks, complete function and convenient, but it is a good lock is also a need for maintenance. A proper care of lock, can use more than the average service life of household intelligent lock. Can say, good locks and daily maintenance, is the household intelligent the right way to open the lock. And maintenance of household intelligent lock way in fact there is not a complicated place, as long as pay attention to the following aspects, will be able to do daily maintenance. If there are any lock body and lock body equipment problems, or to the professionals to solve. A, can't do a thing - — Not professional removal in the maintenance of household intelligent lock, there is a customer in the process of using will not be able to do, that is not professional disassembly. Before the old lock, because architecture is simple, so many customers by doing a little bit of learning can be done myself changing a lock. And household intelligent lock is not as old lock structure, household intelligent lock inside contains many high-tech electronic components, and household intelligent lock heart of electronic chips. Optional disassembly is likely to affect household intelligent lock of circuit board, not only can solve the problem and other problems are derived from the may. So, once the doubt their own household intelligent lock inside what went wrong, should contact the manufacturer of household intelligent lock, let professional maintenance staff to repair the door. Pay special attention to, let old lock repair master lock to lock down the body also needs to look before you leap. Correct use, gently treated either common or household intelligent lock, lock their work nature is security, and guard against theft is needed for solid lock body. The lock body is the soul of locks, so in the usual, in use process should also protect the lock body, prolonging the life of the lock. A common example, many people in the process of the door is closed, tend not to rotate handle, but directly to the door frame. In this movement, the lock tongue was intervene directly impacted by external force, and the lock tongue of spring have been hit, will lead to lose elasticity, the lock tongue is damaged beyond use. Moreover, some users in items like to hang on the hand when opening the door, after the lock to unlock along with the hanging items. Due to the household intelligent lock handle does not have bearing function, in the long term, handle is also likely to lose elasticity, especially by backhand lock lock body, the handle locks the inflexible is likely to cause failure, also greatly increases the risk. So, whether open or closed, all to do with the proper strength to open to close. Every time need to be able to let the lock tongue smoothly into the door frame, the closing should rotate handle, let the lock tongue indentation, after being pushed the doorpost and let go the lock tongue. Hand, as far as possible don't on any item on the lock body, gentle treatment of household intelligent lock, can prolong the service life of it. Three, timing, clean, and although a new lock lock internal structure can not be clean everyday, but still have many users need to lock in vitro daily maintenance clean place. Household intelligent lock, fingerprint head should be used to part. One finger surface will have a certain oil secretion, use for a long time without scrubbing, fingerprint sensors on the surface of the residual oil stained with the dust in the air, to form the dirt, the dirt is likely to affect the fingerprint head, the sensitivity of the lead to extend the time of the lock. In order to ensure that fingerprint, the sensitivity of the head should be regularly use dry soft cloth gently wipe the fingerprint head, avoid by all means wet dishcloth with mixed steel wire ball of wool cloth, because the wet dishcloth will lead to damp, and the rough surface cleaning tools leads to fingerprint head scratching. On the other hand, most of the household intelligent locks the way power is supplied by batteries. Battery when it's hot prone to the phenomenon of battery leakage and corrosion, battery leakage affect household intelligent lock circuit, so when the hot weather should regularly check the battery to see if there is leakage phenomenon. If you have found to replace new batteries immediately. In the usual daily replacement battery, old and new batteries cannot be mixed use. Every once in a while, to a 'medical' lock door lock in the use of everyday, so I need half a year or detailed check once a year. User can check is the lock on the surface of the body surface, the sensitivity of the lock mode is qualified. Some household intelligent lock will be equipped with mechanical lock, generally used in case of emergency. So check need a key to unlock a try, if the key in unfavorable situation, can put some on key graphite powder or pencil to try again. In the lock, but, do not add lubricant, oily substances are stained with dust, on the contrary make locks are more likely to fail. Lock body check, refers to check whether the fastening screws on either side of the lock body is a bit, check whether the lock tongue is access to, the rest of the lock lock tongue is correctly inserted into the designated position, the lock body and lock gusset plate if there is a gap between the and so on. Once found that can let the lock body can't lock and unlock the normal problems, should contact the manufacturer for repair. Mastered the maintenance knowledge, the use of household intelligent lock your home life will be more long, household intelligent lock also will bring you more wonderful intelligent life. As one of environmental protection furniture industry pioneer, has been focused on green, health, environmental protection intelligent household environment. Fill in the gap filling industry, ceramic tile seam an agent six years like one day, insist on the development of the self, let caulking in caulking industry ranks forefront position, is committed to let every owner to enjoy the healthy environmental protection household environment.
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