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How to make ceramic tile seam filling agent effect more durable?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Cut brick seam problem: caulking agent has good waterproof, moistureproof, prevent the effect of infiltration, can be useful to reduce the problem of ceramic tile around the yellow or black. Easy to clean, generally simple black ceramic tile seam time long, and caulking agent looks smooth, non-stick oil, not black, is more efficient to ordinary clean also. More environmentally friendly: general ceramic tile seam simple shelter evil people and practices, bacterium, caulking agent information, environmental health, mouldproof function better. So, caulking become necessary. Rendering color allocate unreasonable problems: caulking not only failed to help enhance the level of appearance, also reduce the whole decoration. Present product question: how long do caulking no moment is presented through color, falls, the drum, the problem such as peeling, time-consuming hard money, also heart. 。 Caulking quality difference of the original data while caulking agent has appeared for a long time, right but caulking mall currently does not have a unified standard of shopping malls, caulking agent products on the market still has a white tube, stick a card phenomenon exists. Direction of this kind of product is not only the original data of replenish onr's stock, production of caulking agent products are shoddy, the owner if you don't understand and are likely to buy this kind of product. And the original data of caulking product, may present a variety of quality problems. Such as construction, don't be present in the process of bubbles, drops wait for a variety of phenomena. Some even look no problem in the construction process, and in the process of after use will gradually appear moldy, rub off or other product quality problems. When caulking products of choose and buy, so the owner to identify qualified, reputation better caulking products in the industry. And in the normal way of buying, prevent the present buy branded caulking products, damage to the owner's quality of life in the future. 。 Construction details difference caulking agent entry threshold is low, the difference between a significant gap filling construction. Because caulking construction is a main detailed construction project, if you don't pay attention to these details, after construction will also present the effect of relatively large differences, for caulking use fixed number of year may also be present in the future will be. Caulking despite strong after curing products such as porcelain, but is not yet stable before solidification is still relatively weak. So in the caulking construction within this period of time, to give a caulking products is suitable for chemical reaction space, let the caulking products through a period of weakness. Specifically, the ceramic tile aperture temporary residual moisture, impurities are not conducive to curing of caulking products. So, a temporary crack-cleaning and prophase caulking construction is important. Caulking division before beginning crack-cleaning construction, needs to try to sort out a gap, whether gap within the dust for mud shape, or form is wet. In the window, balcony, toilet water on the earth this kind of simple local needs to check the local also want to some more. If there can be gaps present mud or dust in comparison to other color deeper, there is also water gap, can't for caulking. Else, when finishing gap, in addition to the impurity in the gap, on both sides of the ceramic tile also is part of impurities. So want to clean ceramic tile aperture processing, the more you need on both sides of ceramic tile in crack-cleaning again, let the impurities and ceramic tile edge separation, this is a relatively clean aperture, in the future of caulking temporary wouldn't present caulking drops. 。 The difference of maintenance in the future no matter what kind of supplies, electronic products are all using life, caulking agent product also is same, but the proper maintenance can surely in extent, alleviate the degree of consumption of caulking, caulking agent products can use longer. So in caulking construction is completed, the owner also want to listen to the claims of some caulking division, the use of caulking products more durable service life. Caulking products though fight corrupt wear-resisting, i. e. , clean the net, but every moment of proper cleaning is also necessary. Simple to remove the stain, not for a long time to sort will become stubborn stains. Else, when finishing, also should pay attention to try not to use strong acid alkali cleaner to clean the caulking, also claims that the owners do not use steel wire ball to wipe the caulking. Caulking is still due to chemical products, through the acid alkali corrosion is likely to produce chemical reaction, then there is discoloration may be present. Caulking appearance despite strong as porcelain, but also do wire force conflict, however, about the stain is still claim the owner to use wet dishcloth or sponge to wipe.
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