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How to match caulking products?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Decorating a process, even if the owner will decorate to decorate a company to the whole package, also will encounter a lot of choice. Decorate the late caulking, for example, caulking products have a variety of colors, reasonable collocation can make caulking in decorate the icing on the cake. However, both the owners and decoration, as long as there is a party on the choice of hesitation, selection of progress and results will be affected. Home of caulking choose what color is better? Want to solve these problems, this you need a gap filling color collocation is dry. If you want to learn how to match, you first need to break the current gap filling color collocation of a few misconceptions. Myth: the gap small color doesn't matter, depending on the size of ceramic tile aperture gap filling effect is also different. The general gap size in - Better between mm, mm. . . 。 Mm between the effect may not be too obvious. As a result, there will be a gap smaller part owners feel that their own caulking may use what color effect about the same, then choose a color. The result of the random choice, good luck can just see it in the past, the bad luck could damage before the integral atmosphere that decorate, affect the overall effect. Erroneous zone 2: some owners think that blindly following trends color, as long as most people feel good-looking color, so it's no problem for me to use in his home. Many of the owners think gold caulking products sell better, and also look more good-looking, golden will choose aureate caulking directly. But if the owner the ceramic tile in the home for the wood grain brick, or the whole style more colorful decoration, gold is caulking would become tie-in minefield. Want to avoid more misunderstanding, in fact, the owner doesn't have to go to catch up with the color collocation knowledge, as long as to master the following skills, to fit their own situation to choose the appropriate color. Caulking based article collocation: similar or opposite professional knowledge about color, may be in addition to professionals, who also can't fully understand. According to the experience of many years of caulking, caulking the collocation of color actually just capture a key choice, that is similar or the opposite. This sentence means, according to ceramic tile and the owner to choose of oneself be fond of and ceramic tile instead of color in the same color. Such as perfect roughly the white ceramic tile, the color of the close you can use white, gray system, instead of the color is golden, black, brown. In joint sealant products, color is the color is not a great difference between the owner as long as the right color, caulking effect won't be too bad. Caulking tie-in advanced article: pure color casting low sense of luxury many owners, luxurious atmosphere would prefer type decorate a style, such as the new Chinese style, European this class. These atmospheric decoration, whether the selection of ceramic tile or late the choice of soft outfit, is already filled with the essence of luxury. If the gap filling color to choose some big sequins, or is more bold colors, the overall style there will be an excessive emphasis on wealth factor, reduce the owner an outfit the grade of the whole. So if you want to maintain the luxury and the feeling of not too high, can choose according to the design and color of ceramic tile of different color caulking. If ceramic tile design and color is more gorgeous, caulking color can try to choose pure color, such as ivory white, champagne gold, and the light grey. This kind of color is more pure, more suitable for foil tile design and color is gorgeous, also let luxuriant space contains a sedate feeling. If ceramic tile design and color is more low-key, caulking color can try a few more high-profile, such as lutetium gold sequins color. A few eye-catching caulking in ceramic tile color fusion, will be the owner of the low luxury style through every corner of the tile decoration. Caulking collocation stupid bird article, field test color more if can't choose your favorite color caulking, torn between or in multiple colors. The owner also need not too anxious. Professional caulking division in the door selection will have come to visit, the product color board owner can actually according to the color of color board than before to make a choice. If you feel unable to see the effect on the color board, the owner may also ask caulking on-site color testing. Caulking division will take a less eye-catching slit at the scene for owner to try a caulking, although at this time of caulking can not completely dry, but the owner can see roughly gap filling effect. All want to try, of course, there are a variety of color psychology also is normal, the owner can communicate with caulking division of yourself need to see in advance what kinds of color caulking effect. In short, in the process of selecting the caulking color, try not to hold owner be frightened by this trouble of mind, how to communicate with caulking division, to try to think more appropriate color, make caulking owner the nods eyeball pen of home decoration. Ceramic tile seam filling agent has the specialty the caulking, rich color caulking agent for the owner's choice. Caulking after seven years of development, the independent modulate nearly 20 kinds of caulking on market, on the basis of commonly used color, also has a variety of caulking custom color, try to meet the demand of the owner's color. Caulking t registered is above all, on the basis of the professional construction, also can match colors for owners to professional advice.
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