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How to Remove Grout From Textured Tile

by:Kastar     2020-05-29

Textured tiles can add a unique style and beauty to any internal or external space.Cement-Base grouting is often used in tile installation to seal the seam of the tile and increase stability.However, during the grouting process, the grouting is applied to the surface of the tile.The additives in grouting strengthen and harden as the grouting device increases, and over time, grouting becomes more and more difficult to remove.Once the grouting reaches full strength, it is almost impossible to remove from the textured tiles.Some supplies can effectively remove the mud on the textured tiles.Wear work gloves to protect your hands from debris.Fill the spray bottle with warm water.A lot of water spray on the affected tiles.Rub grouting with solid oak sticks with square edges and scrape off the grouting.Often spray water on the tiles to prevent scratches on the surface.Remove as much mud as possible from the tiles.Vacuum tiles with wet vacuum accessories to remove loose Grout debris.Operate the wet vacuum according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Fill a clean plastic bucket with 1 gallon of warm water.Pour 1 cup of sugar into the water.Mix the solution fully to dissolve the sugar.Pour the sugar water directly onto the affected tile.Put sugar water on the tile for two hours.Scrub the tiles with a nylon scrub pad to remove the remaining mud.Spray the tiles with clear water and rinse off sugary snow mud and dirt.Vacuum the tiles with a wet vacuum to remove loose Grout debris.Dry the tiles thoroughly with paper towels.Repeat this process if there are traces of grouting left on the tile.Clean each remaining tile separately using the same technology.
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