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How to save the hutch defends the smell?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Peculiar smell, is a very sensitive topic. Although it does not cause substantial damage, but it can always make people mood. In the public environment at ordinary times, can endure the endure may also make do, but if your room produce peculiar smell, it is really unbearable. Those from hutch defends a mysterious area of peculiar smell, even if the owner suffer cold wind erosion every day, morning and night ventilation, they still in one day suddenly appeared, let owner. For these annoying peculiar smell, no need to endure, this must be done! Why these peculiar smell? Want to completely remove peculiar smell, first of all, I would know how the smell. Kitchen and toilet because of different environment, causes the smell and also there will be some difference. The cause of the peculiar smell frying kitchen is the place where a cook for a long time, although the function of the lampblack machine has good absorption lampblack, it could have some lampblack residues and accumulated. If it is not clear in time, time is long will form a thin layer of oil, in the kitchen this layer is the source of frying oil. Rotting flavor kitchen need to cook a meal every day, naturally there is part of the kitchen waste. Some of these kitchen waste is poured by the owners in the trash can, some are left in the sink drain. Although low winter temperatures, the speed of food corruption significantly slower, but time is long will still have peculiar smell. Sewage mixed odor in the sewer contracting the daily kitchen all sewage discharge, so the sewer pipe wall would remain a variety of food residue sauce, oil, stains, etc. These residual substances, after a period of mixed fermentation, the odor will be described. The cause of the toilet smell garbage smell inside toilet also can produce many garbage, such as toilet paper, female physiology, diapers, etc. Plus inside toilet is damper, the rubbish will be enhanced by the humidity increase a lot of peculiar smell. Mildew inside toilet damp, most of the owner to moistureproof prevent slippery will choose ceramic tile flooring and metope. But need to have a certain gap in the laying of ceramic tile, the gap after the erosion of water vapor, soap stains, will become a hotbed of all sorts of bacteria, nature also can produce all kinds of mildew. Sewer smell toilet connected drainage tube, if there is no good stink prevention measures, upstairs downstairs residents to use the restroom, sewer smell will be radiant with floor drain along a tube. After knowing the odor source, we can suit the remedy to the case, let hutch defends the smell from the owner of the life, also the owner a air pure and fresh and living environment. How to eliminate odor hutch? Regularly clean up garbage garbage is one of the origins of odor, daily diligence is indispensable. Whether use the enclosed bin or open the trash owner, should be regularly cleaned hutch garbage. In general, - Day over a trash can, trash can also choose a laptop or with draw string bag, avoid the owner's hand direct contact with the garbage. In addition, due to rough (careless) sometimes throw the garbage into the trash can, so the trash can also need the owner regularly cleaned, frequency of about once a week. Such can make trash can keep clean and tidy, also can prevent mosquitoes from the trash can. Pay attention to indoor health in addition to clearing up the rubbish and other cleaning work also cannot fall. Can regularly with the proportion of baking soda and salt in sewer pipe sealing, then pour into the sewer pipe flushing with hot water cleaning. Need every once in a while just inside the kitchen with detergent to wipe again, prevent oil deposits. For the sewer smell toilet, can buy special odor-proof floor drain to block. In order to keep the hutch defends in the air is fresh, also can be in clean after put on some items of the fresh air. Such as orange, grapefruit skin, white vinegar, solid air freshener, etc. For ceramic tile gap filling bad narrow and deep processing of ceramic tile aperture, cleaning up every time is a big project. And caulking grout products are professional to fill the ceramic tile aperture of decorative building materials, it has no the characteristics of the traditional caulking grout is easy to mold, to water damage, soap stains block in ceramic tile aperture, do not let them into the internal of ceramic tile aperture, mold would be no hiding place. Caulking products also have a certain flexibility, can withstand the heat bilges cold shrink of ceramic tile, to prevent the occurrence of BengCi ceramic tile. Believe that through the above method, plus the owner industrious hands, owner of hutch defends a space no longer occasionally away with a peculiar smell, the owner will be more comfortable and harmonious home life. 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