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How to Seal Glass Tile Grout

by:Kastar     2020-05-29
Glass tiles are used more frequently in floor and wall installations than ever before.Glass is a product that has no holes and is easy to care for and does not stain or absorb water.In order to keep the rest of the tile installation looking great, the grouting line around the glass tile should be sealed with a dipping sealant.
Sealing glass tile grouting may be faster than sealing other products, as the glass will release sealing materials that are not easily absorbed by grouting, making cleaning simple.Wait at least two to three weeks after installing the glass brick and seal the grout.Since the glass cannot absorb moisture, the moisture must escape from behind the glass through the grouting line.
The premature sealing grouting joint may hold moisture behind the glass, thus weakening the installation.Pour the sealer into a shallow tray wide enough to immerse the brush in it.Saturate the foam brush with the sealer and apply the brush to the grouting joint around the glass.
Starting at the top or back of the installation, completely cover the grout body with a seal, working down and towards you to prevent dripping.Let the sealer penetrate the mud for about 10 minutes.Wipe the glass brick and grouting joint with absorbent cotton cloth to remove the excess sealant.
The glass does not absorb any glue, so make sure the cloth absorbs all the glue.The rest of the sealer can dry and leave stripes on the glass
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