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How to Smooth Sanded Grout

by:Kastar     2020-05-30
After curing the tile adhesive, remove the spacer from between the tiles, it is time to fill the seam with grouting.However, before grouting, remove any excess adhesive from the ceramic tile seams and surfaces.Grouting is mixed with sand to reduce joint shrinkage of 1/8 width between nonglass tiles.The part of the installation needs to be smooth grout so that no rough edges are formed when curing.Rough edges build up dirt and scratch your feet as you walk on top.Wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from mud and wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling mud dust.Along the wall farthest from the door, spray the seams between the first few tiles with fog.When you are working on the floor, grouting and sliding, repeat this vague process at a time with a few tiles.Mix grouting with water containing latex additives.Mix ordinary mud with latex additives.Stir the consistency of the grouting to the toothpaste.Mix as much as possible in 30 minutes.Mount the paddle mixer attachment on the drill bit for easy mixing.Load the grout into the seam between the tiles.Hold rubber grouting floating at 45-Angle of degree, drag it across the joint diagonally and wrap it tightly.Continue packing the mud this way until you finish the seam along one side of the tile.Drag your finger from one side of the joint to the other and press it gently down.This will create a concave slot and remove any excess grout in the joint.Continue to pack and smooth the remaining seams around the tiles.Keep the grouting float at 90-With the angle of the tile and drag it to the surface of the tile.This eliminates most of the excess.When you remove the excess parts to avoid excessive waste, pack them into the next set of joints.Dip the sponge into the water and rub gently on the seams to remove the excess left on the side of the tile and complete the smoothing process.Flip the sponge and wipe the surface of the tile to remove any remaining grout on the tile.Wipe as many times as needed to remove all grout from the surface of the tile.Rinse water is replaced frequently to avoid smoke on the surface of the tile.Continue packing and smooth joints in this way for 20 minutes.Replace the sponge water and wipe again the seams of all grout and the surface of the tile.This eliminates any haze you \'ve missed before and finally completes the smoothing process.Mix a batch of new mud every 30 minutes as needed.Repeat the grouting and smooth process until you finish the floor.Let the mud solidify for 48 hours.Water mist grouting-During this period, the filled spray bottle lasts for 12 hours.Avoid walking on the floor as it damages the grouting joint and can cause rough edges to form along the grouting line.
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