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How to use decorate skill, let little sitting room is changed decayed for magical?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
The sitting room as the primary place of home owner treats people meet guest, nature is also a facade of the family. But because of the different door model, the size of the sitting room also can vary, even some family will deliberately weakening the sitting room, a small area of space. This not too reasonable operation also let owner when decorate a headache, but if the owner use some decoration techniques, little sitting room also can meet the requirements of the owner's life, and burst out a new life. Do want to expand the area of open mode, more simple and crude method is aborted nonbearing wall area. Normally, the sitting room with a balcony, kitchen, adjacent to abort the portion of the blame main wall between them, the ability to expand the area of the sitting room, also can let the light of whole space better. And bright space, open environment, is the sitting room is given by the mission. After the broken bearing wall, balcony also can have a complete function, but the kitchen of open mode is likely to bring the lampblack problem. If it is not often cook owner, then use high power oil absorption is enough clear daily demand. If cooking is often owner, installation of isolation door between the kitchen and sitting room is recommended, thus can prevent lampblack, also does not affect the overall visual effect. Reasonable use a space area is small, it is only natural that let a space look bigger. Therefore, nature also can't put too much furniture, little sitting room to set aside more blank, let little sitting room appears capacious. In addition, some items on adornment also try not to put on the ground, the furniture such as TV ark, can choose a few more fresh hangs a picture, or assemble some condole ark to receive. Appropriate on the wall, can increase the space to receive, also can let whole room stereo feeling more strongly. Because of integral space is small, these decorations also want to choose a smaller volume. Small things can be used to foil environment, let a space look a few bigger whole. Since a decoration on the wall, so the condole top of the ceiling, too exaggerated gesso line, prolapse of lamps and lanterns is not needed. Too full top adornment is easy to let whole space look top-heavy, there will be a depressive feeling. Article is put orderly little sitting room area is small because it is over, take in everything in a glance, once there is finishing well and is easy to see. So if you put some decorations in the sitting room, the owner will often on them. Neat and organized environment can not only make little space look more delicate, guests to visit also will accept the taste of the owner. In principle is put in, can pay attention to the principle of fewer put much better. The decoration of the sitting room cannot too much, but must be able to reflect the owner grade and can help things on life. If there is a TV cabinet and so on to receive ark, then it is some stuff into the cabinet, only leave some decorative items are put out. If it is open to receive ark, then sundry and ornaments to classify let go, and not too close, put - within a grid The sample can be. Pay attention to the influence of colour collocation, decoration in addition to the space, the collocation of color has a certain influence on visual effect. Colour collocation is embodied in all aspects, such as the owner choose all kinds of household, all kinds of accessories, the color of the other space style. Want to let a sitting room, from various details, let each color can resonate with other colors, evolved into a harmonious effect. Because the space is small, so suggest the owner use light color department as the main color as far as possible, and then use the adornment of the widget to play to contrast the effect of resonance, also can let the integral colour don't look so abrupt. In addition, caulking also highlight the good helper of color space. Caulking grout is located between the ceramic tile aperture, both to protect from erosion of ceramic tile aperture, can also make ceramic tile look more delicate. Master more than decorative skills, even the little sitting room, the owner will also be able to let the small space. International industrial co. , LTD. Was founded in Hong Kong, Kowloon, has yet to be established caulking market operating experience. Company's main real porcelain, water porcelain, porcelain epoxy, the treasure to four categories of products, meet the demand of all kinds of building materials of caulking. Caulking products have nearly 20 kinds of color on the market, and can also customize various custom color for the owners, caulking products for owner on his own strength, the adornment in the home for caulking become a necessary step to beautify the home outfit.
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