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ideas on how to install natural stone -

by:Kastar     2020-05-29
Natural stone is a beautiful house material that has some amazing properties and unique properties compared to other House materials.Whether it\'s granite, limestone or sandstone, installing natural stone into a new home will add beauty and value to your home.However, maintaining the natural beauty of this smart and timeless sustainable expert choice requires a strong commitment from the homeowner.
The natural stone on the floor provides an elegant and realistic look for the outdoors and indoors.Wherever you want to install, there is a natural stone that suits your place and style.From solid marble to a piece of limestone or granite, natural stone provides a lasting sense of beauty and grade.
Natural stone is different from artificial stone because of its different design patterns and textures.Each stone has its own unique size and shape, so they are different from each other.However, you can take advantage of their changes by creating a unique pattern to create a unique look for your floor.
Here are some ideas on how to install natural stone flooring.First of all, you should prepare the place where you want to install natural stone.Measure the area and arrange the tiles in a pleasant pattern to describe what the project will look like after it is completed.
Make sure the surface of the tile is evenly distributed and there should be no dents or spots on the surface to place the tile evenly.You can use plywood or water.The back plate is resistant to uniform and flat base.You should also determine the style and pattern of the floor layout.
If you are tired of the regular inspection design, then you can cut the tiles diagonally and combine different colors and patterns to create a unique look for your floor.Second, buy the grouting material specially made for the Stone of your choice.Because different stones hold moisture at different speeds, and because the surface has holes due to rough, the glass is smooth and different, it is very important to choose the right mud.
Third, you can start laying your natural stone tiles and you can use straight chalk lines on the floor as a guide.Keep in mind that the last tiles will be uneven, so plan to install them in unusual places.You can apply mud with a rubber spatula, sponge or hand covered with heavy rubber gloves.
After the stone set for an hour, clean grouting haze.Use fresh water and clean and damp sponges.Wipe it a few times until there is no smog.
If the surface of the tile is uneven, you can homogenize it by adding a cement layer to the top.Make sure there is no dust on the surface.This ensures no air.During the installation process, the gap between the surface and the natural stone.
Therefore, you will be able to prepare a floor or wall brick to provide IT services for a long time without causing any maintenance problems.Finally, spray natural stones with fine mist after having the project set up for a day.Sprayed for three days.Three days later, Stone sealing agent was used.
If you are not sure about your installation capability, you can ask for professional help for your natural stone installation
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