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Identify the pros and cons of gap filling agent, we should go to choose from which a few respects

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking agent now as a best-selling products, each have differences, caulking agent market is now in a state of the health, caulking agent brand is jumbly, level regardless of, make consumer is in a state of confusion, caulking agent range from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, some conventional brand in the market now, of course, is also in order to profit, cost, high price is also everywhere, so what's the difference between these products? How do we choose?

1, smell, smell is bigger, stimulating odour, contain carcinogenic substance, the harmful gas that product is more, affect your health. The smell of general and high grade of caulking agent it will be small, in the gap filling agent, only when the content of formaldehyde and benzene are too high, will lead to pungent smell.

2, cure time: a two-component caulking agent is in commonly 4 to curing time 6 hours advisable, to moderate curing winter needs to extend, fast curing time, show strong chemical reaction, prone to harmful gas, curing time is slow, poor quality of curing agent, the price is quite cheap.

3, colour and lustre, caulking product luster when dry, smooth, also from the side reflect curing agent, mainly on the pigment of choice, in general, excellent gap filling agent look sparkling, the gloss of people see will feel very comfortable. And inferior gap filling agent, basic it is dark.

4, hardness, hardness is not as hard as possible, to soft with just, after curing the caulking should be wrapped around a circle of break, not only has the same hardness porcelain, and it has good toughness, if easy to broken, show high hardness, the late fall off crack is easy to happen.

5, yellowing resistance: don't think enough do not have a thing, finish caulking hardness yellowing is an important test of products, this is not a short period of time can be observed, need time to verify, ordinary brand of yellowing resistance of gap filling agent, six months after the yellowing phenomenon, affect the overall appearance.

6, anti-aging, aging, caulking agent are also need some time to verify, there are many factors that can aging, such as air oxidation, heat, ultraviolet light, etc. , chemicals, etc. Make the key of the fracture.

since we choose to do ceramic tile gap filling, then it is good to must choose quality and gap filling the products with good effect, of course, who wouldn't want to choose good? Key, would you have to choose better speak of these, do you something!
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