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If you chose a non-professional caulking team construction. 。 。

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
After years of development, caulking has become a popular with owners of decoration construction. And behind the caulking popular, caulking brand, also especially fierce competition between the construction team. Caulking brand advertising clutter is various, caulking construction, construction quality is uneven, let owner cannot be the master in construction team to make the right choice. In general, the owner is not very familiar with caulking products, and for decoration has a very tight budget and card. For caulking adornment, they would prefer to choose effect is better and more cost-effective product caulking. Therefore, there will be some professional construction team captures the owner the pain points, with low construction effect so good rhetoric recommended owner to select them. If the owners really chose such non-professional team, will have what kind of situation? One, the product quality is difficult to guarantee product caulking gun consists of epoxy resin, curing agent, pigments, polymer additives of gel products, the quality of the purity of raw materials and determines the gap filling the quality of the products. Regular brand product caulking, generally choose this kind of environmental protection raw materials are imported from foreign countries, because this kind of the price of raw materials is not low, so the caulking price of the product will also be increased as some. But some white tube, caulking of branded products, will choose relatively cheap, or abandoned to purification of raw materials, this kind of material price is low, caulking product cost of production will decline, so the price will be much lower than the regular brand of caulking products on the market. Using the impurity of raw materials of caulking products, in order to look like other gap filling effect, in which will join nonylphenol, many different materials such as ammonium thiocyanate. These chemicals are not only a pungent smell after curing, also in imperceptible to owner and construction personnel to irreversible physical harm. In addition, there are some non-professional before construction, the construction team will prepare some regular brand caulking product for the owner to choose, and then the formal construction, the timing of the home unmanned supervisors to the owners, will use some other branded products. Not familiar with caulking owner, so it is in the drum. Second, is difficult to guarantee quality of construction, in addition to use the products may endanger human body health, the construction quality of this kind of professional construction team is also difficult to guarantee. Caulking construction although looks simple, but it is actually a very pay attention to the construction of detail, if any step of the construction in some minor errors, curing of caulking, influence the effect of caulking. In the process of construction, for example, non-professional caulking team won't consider home owner ceramic tile is completely dry, after the completion of the construction is closed doors and Windows, will only do caulking and seemingly efficiently to owner '. Such gap filling at the beginning may not be much of a problem, but after a period of time, such as some because ceramic tile is not completely clean up on both sides of caulking began to fall off, some because ceramic tile is not completely dry caulking began to change color. What is more, will more than gap filling material in ceramic tile surface touch all where, caulking surface uneven, deep a shallow one, on both sides of ceramic tile aperture, BengCi countless bumpy. These irresponsible caulking, owners suffered some losses on the economy, not only want to repair the caulking will spend a lot of manpower, do more harm than good. Third, after-sales service to ensure as decoration project of service class, caulking construction will have the acceptance after curing, the missing link. After all caulking construction now need all hand, each a few small flaws in the family are normal. Professional construction team, although before construction will assure the owners in the form of oral to undertake after-sales problem, but for their own products and the construction is no faith. So after the settlement of balance payment, if owner found what's the problem, they will pretend to don't know how this promise to avoid responsibility. Some concerned owner may contact way to contact them before it is passed, but they choose not to admit, or directly change the connection way, pull into the blacklist, let owner can not contact them again. And home owner caulking problem is need to solve, so most of the owners can only find another caulking repair, delayed the decoration schedule. How to choose the professional caulking team although non-professional caulking will at low prices to lure the owner, but the owner must recognize these may arise after the construction, avoid to choose this kind of caulking team, should choose to normal caulking brand caulking construction team. This kind of caulking construction teams use products are through the regular channel replenish onr's stock, and has certain popularity in the local brand of caulking. In addition, the professional team of caulking in local building materials market will have a fixed appearance room, for the owner to consulting, understand the caulking. Before the formal construction, they will to owner signed the agreement on the construction and after construction if have any problem, all will be solved according to the agreement. 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