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In the gap filling agent, what is the difference between true porcelain and ceramics king?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Already a month now, immediately to the plum rains season. Before every rainy season, huangmei friends complain with me day mildew everywhere in the home, not everybody, such as clothes quilt exaggerated is even the edge of the sink all moldy. 。 。 I recommend her with true king of porcelain or ceramic glue, she asked me a face of meng force that is what east east, the caulking agent manufacturer experts to everyone has spread: by the way. The true king of porcelain and porcelain glue name so similar, they both have what differentiation? Here for everyone to do a simple introduction: of true porcelain adhesive is a new type of mud upgrade products, without rubbing, construction is convenient. It includes two components, A, B, as strong as porcelain after curing, lifelong waterproof mouldproof, adhesion with high strength and toughness of structural strength, suitable for ceramic and metal, hard plastic, glass, cement concrete, stone and other materials, waterproof lines; Don't hide dirt, wear-resisting, resistance to acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature. In the process of construction, no pollution, no excitant odour, harmless to human body, is a new kind of waterproof materials, interior decoration design and upgrading of traditional glass glue and waterproof material. King of true porcelain has two products: true with the flexible true porcelain porcelain king king; Smooth surface, easy to scrub, convenient and clean, waterproof moisture-proof, can avoid the propagation of crack mold endanger human body health. Also has the high hardness of both % % flexibility, make construction after ceramic tile aperture more smooth full at the same time, with higher flexibility and better ceramic tile edge joint, to edges have better protective effect, effectively avoid the colloid due to products caused by the collapse porcelain ceramic tile, etc. Can really the king of porcelain and metal, glass, cement, ceramic tile, stone, wood, such as fully bonded into a whole, permanent no crack, no leakage, no mold, can perfect to replace glass glue, silica gel; Hard as porcelain, after curing shrinkage rate and matching ceramic tile, no crack, no dent, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof, etc. Characteristics. Upgrade is flexible true porcelain king; Flexible true porcelain Wang Cai use imported polymer nano factor, after curing hard as porcelain, structural strength, high temperature resistant, low temperature shrinkage crack. On the wall do not flow, relaxed and easy to play. After curing give people feel comfortable and beautiful, wear resistance, long service life, the color bright new. The advantage of flexible king of true porcelain is flexible and yellowing resistance, flexible brick is in order to overcome the crack caused by the heat bilges cold shrink, the phenomenon such as blasting brick. Resistance to yellowing is in order to solve the problems of the future change color yellow, but resistance to yellowing is need to the test of time, or years later, the flexible true porcelain and other is the difference between a poor quality products. Because true porcelain or ceramic king more and more get the welcome of the broad masses of customers, a lot of people have an understanding gap filling agent, but many people don't know what's good about caulking agent to ceramic tile, use true porcelain or ceramic tiles and what kind of change is the queen? From the vision, true porcelain glue or porcelain for household decorates bring brand-new feeling, not because of ceramic tile aperture affect household and beautiful, which makes it particularly welcome to beautify the space, the shape of the daub on the true porcelain glue or porcelain queen, smooth texture, colour and lustre is uniform and firm, have very strong adornment effect. For the building materials product from the function, it particularly ceramic tile can have very good protection effect, king of true porcelain glue or porcelain daub after ceramic tile aperture can be a very good absorption of between substrate and masonry, extending the service life of the decorative surface. To prevent cracking building materials products, significantly improve the permeability resistance. From the efficiency, true porcelain glue or porcelain after solidification in the shape of aperture wang in ceramic tile sew will form a smooth and clean surface such as porcelain, wear-resisting, waterproof and oil proof, not only not be stained with dirt, have excellent self-cleaning, used white lime is very easy to leave some pollutants of ceramic tile aperture, and the use of true porcelain glue or the king of porcelain after ceramic tile aperture is not easy to shelter evil people and practices, easy to clean, wipe clean, save time and effort can thoroughly solve the common ceramic tile seam dirty dark and difficult to clean. Whether the new shop is ceramic tile seam, or already use ceramic tile seam can be used for many years. Avoid cracks black dirty affect indoor beautiful, prevent the propagation of mould to endanger human body health. Well, you know now? King of true porcelain and ceramics are good caulking products, kitchen and bathroom, can use oh ~
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