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In the humid summer do caulking, should pay attention to?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
One not careful the summer solstice. Haven't had time to say goodbye to the joy of spring, the wet summer surrounded. This weather ceramic tile aperture more prone to black, dirty, peculiar smell. At this point, many people want to solve these troubles by caulking. Summer is good time gap filling, but the season belongs to the rain is more and more hot and humid weather, moisture is too heavy. Many caulking construction master is bad, can let a caulking be affected with damp be affected with damp, white, color, and curing slow, very affect the effect of caulking. So, when the summer caulking, what are the details and matters needing attention are must know? Caulking agent below small make up summer do caulking is to share with you what need to pay attention to. , caulking construction notice moistureproof summer rains, and rainfall is large, ferocious, air humidity increase sharply; Similarly, summer air temperature is high, easy to evaporate lunt, caulking construction, the ground to dry before construction. If ceramic tile aperture is not dry or too wet for caulking construction environment, it is a good caulking agent materials will also be affected with damp be affected with damp or discoloration. Caulking construction, therefore, be sure to keep indoor dry, reduce the moisture of the air, this is the most effective way to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp. , caulking before construction, pay attention to ceramic tile is performed before fill a seam caulking construction must pay attention to ceramic tile aperture before ever with lime, white cement and other materials for caulking. ( ) If the jointing is white cement, lime and must make corresponding processing, to continue the caulking. Because white cement in the rain or damp weather can absorb the moisture in the air, make the caulking discoloration, even can't cure. ( ) If you found when do caulking tile caulking agent get damp, be sure to clean up the gap filling agent, drying will crack. , avoid exposure summer high temperature, caulking agent to prevent the exposure of intense sunshine, don't put in direct sunlight or room. If long time of sunlight can make the material tube, so it is important to note that deposit. Keep good ventilation, indoor caulking should pay attention to maintain good indoor ventilation, before this is helpful for caulking construction personnel's physical health. And construction check and maintain the interior dry ceramic tile aperture be affected with damp be affected with damp, sometimes is not easy to start, but after curing will be intermittent white phenomenon. Appear this kind of situation will affect the caulking construction team in the industry reputation. So after caulking construction should be timely inspection and handling, to minimize the secondary construction problems. , warm prompt finish shop floor tile cannot be immediately trample: brick of floor tile, with good cement will be affected by the air is humid, let solidification speed slow; So after the shop is stuck the floor tile, not immediately trample, should set up the springboard to facilitate traffic.
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