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In the 'old' in the 'new' - Restoration of old ceramic tile

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Many people sigh with emotion, such as decorating the house didn't learn to decorate, elaborately decorated house doesn't leave this or that kind of regret and defects, see others home decorate a style, I like home decorate good already can't change, however, the result of some omissions place cannot make up for, the most families generally have a problem - - - Ceramic tile seam will be yellow dirty black, and the brush the black.

look at someone's home made the effect of caulking, and look at their own home dirty black ceramic tile seam, is really annoyed. Caulking agent to help you solve this problem, can do as old ceramic tile gap filling. In the caulking industry, & other; The old brick & throughout; Refers to the concept of already spread ceramic tile and caulking site conditions.

recommended construction technology can be simply summarized as the following steps: crack-cleaning - Wipe seam - The first time gap filling ( Porcelain white caulking agent render) - Wipe - The second time gap filling ( Intended effect color caulking agent do surface) - Wipe - Clean up.

through professional construction technology, gap filling agent after solidification in ceramic tile sew will form a smooth and clean surface such as porcelain, wear-resisting, waterproof, prevent oil, don't be stained with dirt, a good self-cleaning, shelter evil people and practices easily, easy to clean, wipe clean, its hardness, compressive strength, service life, etc, are better than the gap filling agent, which can completely solve the common ceramic tile seam dirty dark and difficult to clean.

whether just to decorate the new shop is ceramic tile seam, or have used the ceramic tile seam can be used for many years, avoid the propagation of crack mold endanger human body health. Caulking agent with high quality products and high standard construction team, for you to make up for the regret, perfect as old ceramic tile ceramic tile seam.
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