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Indoor ground choosing with floor tile, what caulking should use?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Floor tile caulking already very common, but there are a lot of when choosing caulking agent to notice, if the floor tile caulking agent didn't choose the right materials, so the back of the trouble is much, just listen to fill in the below small make up seam an agent manufacturer to share the experience. A two-component gap filling agent, also known as porcelain seam an agent, is composed of epoxy resin, pigments, composed of raw materials such as curing agent. Its characteristic is: caulking agent after curing caulking hard as porcelain, use the blade is hard to cut off; Caulking smooth surface, such as porcelain, with the hand to touch caulking agent surface is very smooth; Abrasion resistant to dirty, because the surface smooth and clear with any stains on it are good, as long as with cloth lightly brushed clean like new. Waterproof mouldproof, already spoke after curing hard as porcelain ceramic tile gap filling agent, waterproof good density, not afraid of water, don't worry about water infiltration. So the floor tile gap filling the best option is to use a two-component gap filling agent, save worry save trouble, better quality more. Porcelain is also called water epoxy resin filled seam an agent. Its characteristic is: floor tile aperture damp can construction in all the circumstances, it is a two-component caulking agent can't do. The porcelain caulking water material with tiny particles, not smooth surface with grinding sand texture. At the same time, its shortcomings are obvious: with tiny particles surface is not smooth, instructions, caulking agent on the surface of spots if is difficult to clean. Especially if the water white porcelain caulking agent to avoid doing floor tile caulking, white and smooth surface, then spots once the time is long will black mould. Floor tile gap filling other color, white caulking agent with caution, there is no regret medicine to eat, not exaggerated, it is a few years experience in construction of caulking.
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