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International cooperation in the 6th national dealer training opening ~

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
With the advent of the era of caulking, caulking increasingly fierce market competition, the land, branded products with low price to disrupt the market, which makes the regular brand caulking agent products, a hit from a large market! International as caulking industry leader, has the strong sense of mission, years to focus on research and development products carefully, upgrade services, and regularly to provide the best solution for partners, the general partners and create industry high. In order to help the developers to better understand the market development trends of cooperation, more widely extend caulking market, more scientifically solve the partners are the problems encountered in the process of operation, June 21, the sixth national international business training, officially launched. The training in product knowledge and marketing skills, brand caulking agent and OEM caulking agent, etc. , the difference between the families in the dry, full partners listening, actively involved in the interaction, the scene atmosphere is very active. Happy moment, interactive sharing in order to make friends happy study, international carefully prepared wonderful for family fun little game -- — Qi mei stick. Each stretch out a finger hold a stick, and then ordered all fall at the same time, one will stick fell to the ground, in the whole process, no one will leave hand stick. Once leaving the game failed, the need to start anew. Games we focus in the process of self, not only in the team cooperation, shortening the distance between each other's heart is to enhance the tacit understanding and cohesion of the team. Preaching, fine, light in the meeting, Chen, founder of the international combines theory and practical cases, to share the years of experience in professional services, including today's caulking market present situation and the product itself advantage, brand and OEM distinction and each category of caulking products introduction, to strengthen the knowledge service system, to learn how to effectively improve the chance to clinch a deal, for the partners own development laid a good foundation. The training is Chen combination to summarize the experience of caulking market for many years, this for partners need break through the bottleneck, precious opportunities. Chen said that the market competition is intense, partners should understand the product more professional knowledge point, become a caulking product experts, in this way, in the face of fierce competition, will be able to have enough hand, show their own strength to the customer. The classroom atmosphere is lively and interesting, we listen attentively and take notes carefully. Chen for caulking do the original interpretation of the knowledge and quality service, at the same time emphasized the caulking economic failure and the key to success, and make the partners capture the essence of the training. Lectures in the process of Chen also respectively discussed with you about how to improve the self advantages, key problems such as how to receive your ideal, we have benefited a lot from. The first day of training at the end of the pleasant atmosphere, the training is the enterprise give partners the best benefits, people full of harvest, in learning, improve their knowledge at the same time also have more confidence to the development of the future.
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