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International guest xuzhou the first household radio

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
(date) (month) (year), about my xuzhou broadcasting stations, international operations director Chen, xuzhou, east China headquarters sales director zhu manager at FM. Household channel, dialogue host xiao yun, talk caulking, caulking products market development, caulking, matters needing attention of construction. 【 Director of operations: Chen Shihua] Chen in the caulking industry for many years, now the Hong Kong international director of operations, for caulking construction training, the early stages of the product research and development production, mid and late after-sales service has accumulated rich experience, and have their original ideas. Has helped hundreds of people successful entrepreneurship. 【 Sales manager: Zhu Liwei] In xuzhou molecular sales director of our company, the manager zhu relies on its own efforts, after two years to the development of xuzhou expand into the east China headquarters. For many years and caulking construction workers communicate face to face with a line, has a lot of caulking of actual combat experience. Q 'caulking market in a mess, the owner how to choose appropriate caulking products? 'Although the caulking market nearly 10 years of development time, but there are still some friends don't know what caulking is also owner. Chen from the role of caulking product, origin, talked about the current situation of caulking market, and on how to choose appropriate and cost-effective caulking products has made the summary. Big brands, certification, high quality, environmental protection, harmless, this is the hard product selection standard, whether to stand in the Angle of the construction master or owners friend's point of view, are responsible for their own. Q 'caulking, is also a brand, what is the difference between other caulking brand? '' is also a gap filling product, why I choose to your home? 'Believe that a lot of friends will have the same owner. Aiming at this problem, the manager zhu from brand product, construction and after-sales service and so on has carried on the detailed explanation: one heart one for home service, enterprise concept, it is not just a slogan, but we should do so according to the concept of high quality products and high quality construction, and after-sales service, responsible for each owner's friend. Q: 'how to avoid gap filling construction of the small problem? Recent activities? 'A lot of friends feel caulking extremely simple, choose DIY, but actually caulking is a fine skill, novice encountered during the period of all kinds of emergency is also unable to deal with. For this piece, Chen caulking easy problems to solve in the construction process, and puts forward some tips and tricks for you. At the end of the show, the manager zhu also said that in order to thank the audience friends support for caulking, who before the date of successful reservation caulking construction of friends, can enjoy the discount activity, for caulking perennial do discount activity, the activity strength is very big.
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