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by:Kastar     2020-07-21
A spokesman for the international industrial co. , LTD. , has: xin, he jie, roubaix, porcelain, nest, Australia etc is brand, compile a party is the industry standard for caulking grout in China. Successfully developed the true porcelain, porcelain, porcelain, waterborne epoxy, beauty categories such as ceramic tile seam filling of edge products; Korean pine children, students, adults soap series; Korean pine sterilization, sterilization, relieving itching fluid; Korean pine net aldehyde services, etc. By ( In Switzerland, the world's first) SGS CNAS ilac MRA on STC ISO ISO and other international certification, in line with the GB - GB - GB - ( National building materials test center testing) Such as domestic standards. With the mass production base ( Nanjing, jinan, ma on shan) , an operations center ( Wuhan, xuzhou) , a service center, caulking, thousands of the pin, the choice of a family of CCTV brand, gold mantis, Evergrande beauty of real estate, red star triumphant dragon strategic partners, exported to Japan, Australia, factory straight for the service center, construction, after-sale full seamless link. For service providers to provide professional international brand promotion, advertising, marketing planning, a variety of online and offline activities such as technical support. Technical director for caulking construction personnel on a regular basis, unified training, teach the new construction technology products, to help improve their professional written skills, to help solve the problem of product and construction, so as to improve sales performance. International to send '' to the Chinese every family of the great vision and continue to struggle. The enterprise culture
We are a performance driven culture that uses tile grout to ensure continuous improvement.
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