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Just finished the ceramic tile of caulking agent have formaldehyde?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
How to distinguish the caulking agent is green, Toxic) Summarized, the current brand ceramic tile seam filling agent has four relatively simple discrimination method, let the consumer before buying, after buying can be very simple identify caulking agent is green! : before buying a product, oil filled seam an agent are toxic to the shopping website or other website search caulking agent knows that, whenever the name search caulking agent, always often run out of a pile of noun, a look, this is yuan! Hurriedly to buy buy buy! So can really fall for it, because these are oily caulking agent. Oily caulking agent must be produced from organic solvent such as toluene, xylene, diluted, these solvents are toxic and harmful, very not environmental protection! With this, the consumer should follow it say bye ~ secondly it hard not soft, only after a long time is easy to produce crackle, broke off. Second, a two-component caulking agent is a two-component water-borne caulking agent real environmental protection products based on a variety of polymer resin as basic material, water as dispersion medium, adding special additives to make organic matter ( Filler pigments) With environmental protection adhesive emulsion resin emulsion home outfit, is a new green caulking products, is a traditional oil ( CiXing) The upgrade of caulking agent products, decorative, adhesiveness and environmental protection is superior to the traditional oil filled seam an agent. Because of the limitation of the manufacturing of domestic water filled seam an agent is given priority to with one-component, also is always accompanied by problems such as difficult to cure, colloid collapse, only a handful of high-end brand will advocate caulking agent and produce a two-component water-borne filled seam an agent, please everybody to want to mention more than spirit, look for a two-component water-borne caulking agent. After the purchase: the smell of three, caulking agent have consumers said he buy caulking agent name on the bottle is neither such king of XX, XX, XX oil filled seam an agent is not, whether it is environmental protection? Actually it's not certain, because now the undesirable businessman gimmick is really too much, a name change, change the packing, the inner is immutable, when consumers were 'outed' meeting! If buy caulking agent pungent odor, is to add a toxic solvents, such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, these solvents are toxic, smell great harm to the human body for a long time! So if you buy the caulking agent smelled, rid of quickly. Four, with formaldehyde tester to test if caulking agent pungent smell persuasive enough, is there a more scientific method to identify, it is with formaldehyde tester testing, instrument data more intuitive, more telling the truth. A treasure of formaldehyde tester is also a few yuan, each family can buy a, air gap filling agent, test, test day geodesic is no problem. In the market to buy a set of oil filled seam an agent and a set of nano true porcelain, do a simple test with formaldehyde instrument. On the left is oily gap filling agent, the instrument shows red alert, showed that formaldehyde to exceed bid. Right is the test result of nano true porcelain, green formaldehyde-free exist. Formaldehyde instrument intuitive and reliable, it is concluded that the data illustrate that nano true porcelain belongs to the environmental protection products, to choose and buy. If you want to buy the real green filled seam an agent, please look for the above several methods for distinguish oh, actually the most direct the most reliable way is to buy a two-component waterborne caulking agent, water-based formula more green environmental protection, not only protect your ceramic tile seam, also care for your family's health oh ~
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