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by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Month day is Thanksgiving Day in the west, perhaps, for people who work all day long in a line of caulking, this is just a holiday from abroad. But in this is defined as the Thanksgiving holiday, you also want to hard work, say a thank you, thank you for your contribution for the year. In the past years, caulking grout increasingly fierce competition in the market. Various competitors in daily thinking, how to use a better way to get more market. And some of the emerging brand, also with low price marketing methods in succession, let owner, franchisees confusion when the choice. The market is bound to produce some impact. But, for the impact and pressure, people did not flinch, but grasped the nettle and continuous innovation, to maintain the original market, develop new markets. Thank you for the lovely you for investment promotion work, many people may think that their work relaxed and happy, just sitting in my office chat with customer to far, you can talk about the business. And they don't need to pay too much physical and mental, but it is not the case. In fact, they also need to look for a variety of customer information, and in what is now the telecom fraud of environment, and how many people can answer these seemingly calmly marketing joining the phone? In the connect of telephone, effective talk time and how much? Investment promotion every day is with tons of rejection pressure, constantly looking for potential customers. And, as long as there are some intentions of customers, they will be carefully recorded, regular review, gradual transformation. To say, each a customer to join, is investment promotion department for days, weeks or even months more. Although there is a fixed storage department, but every day shipments too big, warehouse personnel often hands are full. In order to make their customers can receive the goods in time, members of the business department, at the time of warehousing department is very busy, they will begin, personally package goods for their customers. The customers who have been received the parcel tape sealing up, may be it is your customer manager hand bag for you. Thank you for your Marketing Department for travel, may be a younger department. Has been established, at the beginning of the Marketing Department is responsible for the practice practice want join, join scheme. Because need to go to the field, so the Marketing Department of families often runs across the country. Often only in the monthly meeting, to see them. When we want exhibition of caulking around the market influence, caulking around looking for exhibition and Marketing Department is responsible to participate in the exhibition. When looking for new market development plan, the Marketing Department to various community run to push again, consider the feasibility plan. When recruit full service marketing and actively follow up the field of customer, to persuade them to headquarters, join service providers. Can say, for caulking further understanding of the market, thanks to these years experience on caulking market marketing family. Thanks to stick to you, of course, in addition to the company's headquarters staff, more should thank, or those who are willing to believe, always stick to the brand agents, dealers, caulking masters. They are for their own struggle, but won't forget the places of their brand image, unified store, unified overalls, the international fan is very blue, the bridge is to trust each other. Unlike other caulking brand price war, caulking in the product quality, the price of crude difference often need these man explains to the owner of the difference. They may be able to use their own language to impress the owner, maybe said along while the owner also only want to use cheaper product caulking, or perhaps in caulking cannot receive wages in time, after finishing but they still insist on. Thank them, let the owner of laid a good reputation. Their hard work, has not only on the business talk. As project of building materials industry, each time they are through the various even accurate mobile navigation of new buildings, the construction delivery. Like to do the owner of caulking, from dawn construction became the norm. Owners of caulking construction demand is high, there are some black side, there is a little BengCi practice repairing technology for owner to do ceramic tile, let owner satisfaction. The man standing in front of the customer, are exposed to the more real. Is face-to-face communication because of them, to know the product of deficiencies in practice, also can have been progress. Thank story still has a lot of worth, these words are not enough alone. But the gratitude emotion, is real. Because there are so many days and nights of struggle, to step by step towards a better future. And can live up to the expectations of so many people, continue to rein caulking product quality and customer benefits do better, let each to join the family can have complete self dream one day.
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