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【 Knowledge of popular science 】 Plum rains season do caulking, wet discoloration problem how to solve?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Burning sun pawn, a breeze through, summer so quietly and we made a greeting. Bathed in the cool light rain, although is a kind of enjoyment, but it can be bitter we do the craftsman of caulking. As is known to all, ceramic tile seam filling agent is the most basic conditions to dry, if encounter the continuous wet weather, will increase a lot of difficulties for construction. Construction master mirrors, true porcelain product construction in rainy weather will appear the problem of color change, and not easy to dry. So what is the reason, how to avoid this kind of circumstance happening again? Rainy day why easy to change color? True porcelain is a two-component glue oily products, so in construction before or too much moisture will affect the effect, because the true porcelain mainly of epoxy resin, curing agent and pigments, additives and other environmental protection. Oxygen in the epoxy resin and curing agent and water contact, can lead to chemical reaction, thus affect the color of the paint, typically characterized by dark, white or transparent directly. The rainy season will come, the increased moisture content in the air. If the construction master of air moisture seriously enough, will lead to wrong. Construction and how to avoid this kind of problem? , in continuous rainy season construction, must pay attention to keep indoor dry, reduce the moisture of the air, do true porcelain construction glue, the room should use some early drying wetted effect of electrical appliances such as air conditioning, can properly solve the problem of the room and wet. And construction should pay attention to seal Windows, if after the first step to do or not to trust, dry cotton ball and other utensils are available, and the gap to clean again, can appear otherwise after curing intermittent white phenomenon. Air humidity is big, cause after curing, the surface light membrane blurred, gold is not easy to appear, the integral colour and lustre is very bleak. Fill in, pay attention to the ceramic tile is before seam, use what caulking? Caulking at the time whether get damp weather situation. It is important to note that in the event of get damp drying should be carried out in advance. , rainy days or after the rainy season construction to true porcelain adhesive curing with warm wind, before the open, maintain indoor dry prevent absorption of moisture in the process of curing and pale. In addition, after the construction, must check that day, late to reduce trouble.
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