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Learn from the past, look to the future | international meeting held on April!

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
On June 21 o 'clock in the morning, the international headquarters meeting in the conference room on the 8th floor held on time, the company all staff to attend the meeting on time. Conference, respectively the work summary last month and next month, task allocation, etc. , to the discussion of the company's future planning and provides the Suggestions. However, for a vibrant, thriving enterprise, only is the company's planning and task decomposition, of course, can not be the whole meeting. ( The personnel competent soup) Meeting this month, by the artful, serious and responsible big beauty - — Personnel in in charge of soup. Fun dance, you health I love my fitness, due to the new one friend have a tendon, people outside of work every day and more than a new entertainment project. Than what is called, 'dance, dance is better than to fall in love, as meetings and dance. 。 。 。 。 。 'Sorry, wandering. Have to say, the effective movement will make people relax, really thinking more acute, next to listen carefully to the regular meeting content can play a big role. Pay attention to culture, improve yourself to do the physical and mental health, not only should also pay attention to the health of the culture. International correct values and enterprise spirit deeply infected with every employee, when they read out in the corporate culture is so entrenched that was overwhelming. International is a big family, for every new came to the members of the points. Before meeting started, is each month introduced a couple of time. When there is a provision: introduction, must let every friend can remember your name, is passed, for new employees who face thin is also a small challenge. A few short words, other members of the small problems, can make new friends more intimate relationship with other people. Experience sharing, make progress together as the saying goes, send person rose, the hand there are lingering fragrance. In the sharing of experiences at the same time, for myself is also a continuous improvement, continuous improvement process. And people have a mouth, two ears, reason is to listen to more than double. Listen more outstanding colleagues experience, often is an important way for cultivating yourself. Not only pay attention to the new training for all employees working ability is extremely keen, the meeting was arranged for investment promotion ability outstanding Yang ying, Mr Liu came to do a Shared experience. Expectations, respectively from the client to follow up skills, transfer list, follow up forms, telephone communication skills, etc, how to share their success. This, of course, also with their feet on the ground, serious work can't get away, clap for two beauty! Learn from the past, look to the future with laughter when the game, of course also want to have a summary of rigorous profoundly, so as to make everyone gains. The personnel director of soup in the regular meeting their commitments, did not achieve their goals, only the difference between the spark, then take the initiative to punish oneself. A squat is very difficult for anyone, let alone is one of the girls, but soup director and staff with a tenacity to give us a lesson. Although many times because the pain down, again and again stood up and made everyone saw the ministry of personnel and effort. Real power is generated by iron will and apparently they've done, also give their grand applause! Next by the experience of Chen to last month's marketing data is analyzed, and from several aspects elaborated the international brand advantage: the international standing in customer perspective, in line with the concept of responsible for customer, training customer, for its growth, is a real support platform. International has the market the most unique support policy, for each customer knowledge skills training, make it grow up together with the company. Followed 'grand opera' wu always give a summary for the work, and puts forward requirements for future work, makes every effort to further, strong self, benefit others, too, can help more people to finish the entrepreneurial dream. THE END of a good team, create a good team culture; A good team culture, make best people. Is a young team, is a dare to do dare to spell team. Every partner in post silently insist, for customers all over the country with the most professional and thoughtful service, to reassure; Service to others, make yourself.
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