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Light color ceramic tile gap filling agent for a long time will change color?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Light color fastens caulking is suitable for small pure and fresh and decorate a style, white, champagne gold, shallow gold sentiment is higher in the owners group. But because of the color of caulking shallow light color fastens, so if ceramic tile has a little black border, on both sides of the gap filling effect will sell at a discount greatly. In addition, due to the characteristics of epoxy resin, caulking products under direct sunlight for a long time can cause yellowing premature, with light color fastens caulking is more obvious. Many owners took a fancy to light color fastens, because have such worry, often struggle. Then, the occurrence of these problems, really is the quality problem of caulking that light color fastens itself? Small make up the scientific point of view, take you into the caulking yellowing of the truth. Caulking yellowing principle for caulking that light color fastens, caulking occur, yellowing is caulking surface yellowing phenomenon. But if it is brunet department caulking, caulking surface may not be yellowing, but on the surface of white or transparent. Product caulking these changes will occur, or advocate material by caulking product - — The influence of epoxy resin. Such as resin chemicals, epoxy resin under the conditions of purification is colorless transparent. Yellowing epoxy resin while naturally, but normal yellowing period of dozens of years or even longer. And if by direct sunlight for a long time, part of trace elements in the air is attached to the higher temperature of the surface of the epoxy resin, will produce a response, increase the yellowing epoxy resin. In addition, if there is water in the ceramic tile aperture, long wet gap will make epoxy resin gradually eroded by water vapor, moisture evaporate into epoxy resin by outsiders, residual impurities in the water vapor will also stay in the epoxy resin, produce the phenomenon such as white, color changing. The cause of the gap filling yellowing. Epoxy resin is unqualified if the purity of epoxy resin is not enough, its internal will have a lot of chemical impurities. This kind of impurities in the process of curing could not only reflect the harmful gas, threatening caulking division and the owner of the health, the residue after curing may also cause caulking products use of yellowing condition soon. 。 Unqualified curing agent curing agent as a bridge of caulking curing, if there is a disproportionate, quality is unqualified, will cure for caulking product produced great impact. Curing agent ratio, caulking product is likely to be after curing period will not dry. The quality of the curing agent is unqualified, caulking products not only in the curing will send out bad smell, also by ceramic tile inside, the influence of various impurities in the air and yellowing. 。 Before to give stable curing epoxy resin in the curing environment is relatively fragile, it at the time of the curing reaction needs to be stable in a relatively dry environment. If midway in curing water vapor intrusion, temperature mutations, etc. , will affect the epoxy resin curing speed and quality. In this state cured epoxy resin, the state itself is not too stable, nature also will speed up the yellowing. When selecting a gap filling agent, therefore, to choose the brand of environmental protection product, more than quality assured, after-sales service is perfect enough.
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