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Look! Your partner account manager meeting this month and to play what game?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Already in the past, in this autumn, the new month has started. In xuzhou in the drizzle, caulking grout headquarters with xuzhou molecular company held a meeting this month. Stop! Do you think the month meeting is so boring boring? On the contrary! Conclusion? Next month plan? Written pledge to fulfill a military order? All of these don't need to! Such a beautiful morning gold time, should use the smile to break depressing day! Meeting this month, by the joint marketing manager, talk show Wang Zizhou gaps, weeks total dedecates road. Meeting started, his little eyes glanced at a circle the audience of everyone, after seems to be preparing to choose which friend 'hand'. Is a big family, for every new came to members are particularly valued. Before meeting started, is each month introduced a couple of time. A few short words, other members of the small problems, can make new friends with other people closer. New play essential trick is, of course, belongs to the young man's romance. This, our week always seize this opportunity, seized him when newcomers to step down. 'The couple took office this time, self introduction can't do not speak enough for five minutes. '' then I can speak two names again. Hello, my name is lu superior, hi my name is lu supergroup, hi my name is lu. It's so important that it should be repeated for three times. 'Lu super witty response to resolve the problem weeks total, but weeks there is always the next recruit: please introduce new Chen came to power. Who knows it just caught pain points, Chen is really about the newcomer's jokes. 'We all know that now is my answers the phone, just one day have a customer came in and asked me a call, you now have a superior customer manager lu? At that time, I'm still recovering from I don't know, I will back to me check, he said in nailing hit a will jump out to the name of the supergroup lu lu, I returned to he said yes, and this is our staff. 'Speaking of which, the atmosphere was that there was a tense, next to the superior lu wu wear his little heart also reflect on what you did wrong. 'Then the client is safe to say, it is just your employees, I'll call him as this. 'This reversal is not only allow John super breathe a sigh of relief, the audience also have laughed, art comes from life that really. But it also reflected from the side, when people treat customers is unequivocal. As long as it is for questions from the customers, we will promptly solve for the customer. Newcomer after the introduction, weeks total also completed the eloquence of warm-up exercise, start meeting everyone is looking forward to the link - — Interactive games. Weeks this time is the total for you little game when I was a child often play 'MAO', the boy represents MAO, girl on behalf of the block, everybody needs within the prescribed time, the number of components shall be prescribed by the host, not form the correct number of people will be eliminated and punished. In short, this is a test you ability to respond to the game, is also a game end a friendship. 'Block! '' block! 'Although is familiar with the game, familiar with the family, but still happy crashed out of the spark in the game. A until the host says, be neat team instantly messy. Some people more out, because not be relentlessly pushed a department. Standing in the middle of the Chen lets everybody pressure, when the group became Chen as the central axis of uniform cliques. There are also some slow a beat, standing on the team. And some comparison fo department team, at the end of the time all have no good combination, is the host do to stand down. Let everybody happy atmosphere of the game a bit don't punish, do continue to play with a smile. Those who are 'abandoned' teammates, slow teammates were left aside, accept all kinds of home people cheat punishment. Read poetry everyone, so water poems? Squat down everyone, then squat down neatly learn little yellow duck? Short relaxed after the game, people deepen the impression to each other, also added some tacit understanding and cooperation spirit, and because of the game and industries to bring joy, also be into work, release the pressure, improve efficiency. Happy month meeting, is not only designed for pure fun, but hope that through the game, let family members have a better adjust, make mutual understanding between family members. Work is not just hard work alone, a team collaboration is the right choice. Atmosphere is also important at work, the daily ritual of atmosphere can let a person feel tired, occasionally easily moment can relax nerves, after a short rest can better work. Is a young team, the team is also a dare to do dare to spell it. Everyone in post silently insist, for customers all over the country with professional, thoughtful service, solve in the fill stitch on their question, as far as possible let every customer can complete their ideal. Ceramic tile is filled seam an grout, have you, have I, more wonderful!
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