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Mei ting & caulking | brand ambassador signing ceremony well packaged!

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
(date) (month) (year), caulking and recent popularity soared, the famous film star - Mei ting, held a signing ceremony in Beijing, officially declared mei ting caulking brand ambassador. Movie star mei ting, and to a low profile, show a smile face approachable, elegant fashion, melting and wen wan. Actress mei ting, was born in nanjing city, jiangsu province, China, graduated from central academy of drama, as seen in the parents' love, don't talk to strangers, with excellent acting skills has repeatedly won the audience favorite actress, is a very favorite actress and is known. Caulking staff dress, welcome ms mei ting, founder of the international Chen Shihua ms personally give ms mei ting elaborate bouquets of grain, wish ms mei ting new play, sell of products to sell. Joint efforts, together, we can see that gap filling for the signing ceremony is well-meaning. Then combined ms mei ting Chen go to sign up, sit down one by one, the two sides a proverb products and future development, natural harmony. Mei ting teacher smiled all the way, the atmosphere dignified, unique affinity interaction process, there is no distance. International Chen Shihua for ms mei ting explained the caulking, general manager of brand culture, the core content of corporate mission. Ms mei ting expressed highly recognized, and in autographed portraits. Ms mei ting to our stable product quality, the first-class enterprise scale and market reputation of the top praise and gladly sign. As the two sides signed the cooperation agreement, ms mei ting officially became the caulking brand ambassador. Of caulking believe ms mei ting's endorsement, the improvement of brand awareness play a positive role in delivering, let more customers know caulking, choose caulking! Also can live up to the vast majority of customers support and love, to make products, for better service for you, one heart for home, jointing!
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