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Methods for what good (and bad) filled seam an agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
As the building materials market, caulking agent this kind of new building materials have also been known to more and more consumers. Caulking agent brand on the market is various, how to discern the stand or fall of gap filling agent, for your action!

1, the hiding power, can't shrink significantly, after dry solid surface should be substantial level off, for those who are not enough consistency of product, hollow out powder even happens, and high-performance caulking agent no shrinkage depression.

2, the hardness, hardness can be basically caulking agent after curing and ceramic tile, have excellent self-cleaning, washable. Toughness slightly lower than that of ceramic tile gap filling agent, can efficiently prevent the scaling, after dry solid high hardness, wear resistance, to be the perfect partner and ceramic tile.

3, smell, smell is small, environmental protection, the better. Caulking agent is green environmental protection product, clean sanitation, nonpoisonous and harmless, can squeeze, absolutely do not contain no toxic substances such as benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, users can rest assured use.

4, consistency, consistency, not easy to erase, good construction performance. Caulking agent good consistency, unlike ordinary caulking agents on the market is very thin, looks to be the product to cut corners, caulking agent strictly comply with national quality standards, suitable viscosity, adhesion ability is outstanding, after construction would not happen empty and falls off phenomenon, is common products.

5, the color and luster, high gloss, looks hair thief, not natural. Low gloss, do not facilitate cleaning and highlight the effect of gap filling agent, 5 brightness is lower than 4 generation. Gap filling agent, color is rich, natural is exquisite, the glossiness natural attractive, can fit well with floor, increase the aesthetic feeling and the grade of the bedroom.
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