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Neoprene latex waterproof epoxy grout ability of alkaline corrosion resistance?

by:Kastar     2020-12-21
Neoprene latex waterproof epoxy grout with alkaline corrosion resistance, mainly by cationic chloroprene rubber latex and styrene butadiene latex and related additives consisting of a complex chemical system. Applicable to industrial and civil construction, civil air defense and underground engineering and water resources and hydropower engineering of waterproof, binding reinforcement, reinforcement and anti-corrosion lining, such as the external walls of basement, toilet bath rooms, the dam seepage control panel, channel, bridge, ground, aqueduct net swimming pool, pool, silo. Relative to the traditional cationic chloroprene latex waterproof glue, operational time long, 3 hours can be normal use. Neoprene latex waterproof epoxy grout strength is high, the bonding performance is superior, the compatibility with cement ceramic tile adhesive. Cohesive force is higher than ordinary cement grout epoxy 2 ~ 3 times, especially suitable for high-rise building exterior wall waterproof, won't produce empty drum, off the risk of brick.
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